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My Loser Ex Just Texted Me. Great. What the fuck do I do now?

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Some quick thoughts and suggestions on how you should handle this.

Once upon a time you stopped calling and texting Craig. It sucked. Craig sucked. It all really fucking sucked. Three months go by and today you don’t care as much about Craig.

Craig’s phone rings with a voicemail alert that says, “Craig this message is to inform you April is not still obsessing over you. She will likely have a change at happiness. If you don’t fuck this up than and soon she will likely go meet a decent guy. Have a great day!”

Craig sends a trial text to see what level of effort he is going to use to seal your obsession with him longer.

Craig texts” “What up girl?”

April gets the message and now April is freaking the fuck out.

Best Thing To Do That No One Does: Say Nothing.

Worst Thing To Do EVEr! Text back, “So why do you care?”

He won’t answer your question. Then you will be pissed of f and want to know why. Before you know it you will be wishing you had not texted this loser something that of course you have every right to answer.

If you text, “Whats up with you?”  These outcomes will become likely:

1. No answer (that will be three days later)

2. The next morning he texts back without an explanation which leads to more confusion and fun.

3. Or the booty call/love session of you feeling he’s back in your life and him feeling like your unhappy again/mission accomplished.

Best Thing To Do If You Want To Get Rid Of Him and Have The Balls.

“Hey Craig I am so happy you text-ed me because I am still in love with you and want to let you know if you want to be with me currently, I am still up for that.”

IF He answers with an answer that implies no (but maybe yes of course)?”

Craig: “Well why don’t we see how things go…”

Making the leap from blogspot or free wordpress to a domain?

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I am a member and post to blog zone-a community for bloggers to ask others bloggers questions or discuss topics in the area of “blogging,”

I saw a question that basically stated, “Hey should I get a premium theme for wordpress or a regular theme? I changed the wording so I don’t out this person (who really seemed to want to know this). I wrote this post below.

Kelly M. Sowell • I feel your pain!!! This week I decided I am listening to everyone and making my personal rant, advice, and tips blog on blogspot into the domain version starting at and through wordpress. I was scared because I have quite a few readers, and my blog has been up since 2007. Not since a few months ago, did I feel enticed to make this one of my income streams or focus because 99% of the time my writing has turned to BLANK if the creativity feels it’s being fueled as a $ money source. So, writing is my 20 hour a week extra job, I do because I can’t help myself. Anyway, so I have my blog on blogspot and decided that even though I am using wordpress for the domain site, I should start by giving myself 3 weeks.

Week One: Buy your blog NAME domain only from any source you choose. Mine was about $10 dollars and I am sure if I took that time I could have gotten it cheaper but much like this project I just needed to get moving.

Week One Part Two: Set up the free wordpress blog and play around with it. Even if you already use wordpress knowing that you might turn premium, will make you execute actions and applications within the free blog system differently.

Week Three: Email a question list to wordpress and contact tech support for premium because I guarantee if they answer promptly, you will get a good feeling because you know if things go wrong or disastrous someone is there in a reasonable amount of time.

THEME: If you buy a wordpress theme it’s so worth it because they are that much more visually enhanced and structured. That average cost for a premium is like, $55 dollars or something. IF YOU GET THE FULL $99 dollars package you get any theme included within all the tons of extras including a domain. Remember, in a sense until .com were in a sense amateur no matter how good the content is. Premium themes need premium status for the blog. .COMand Premium go together and one missing is like wearing a really pretty dress three sizes to big. (silly example but it just came to mind).


Overall, wordpress premium package is $99 dollars a year. Premium is the best choice. I am still waiting my last week to keep getting a feel for the minimal things offered on wordpress free blogs, and doing research. I bought my domain, so I am only still deciding on what to do with my blogspot blog and making sure I am reading other options for monetization (hired) I have tried monetization many times over the years and while I am smart my mind for some reason hates the idea of monetizing. Every time my eyes hit my google Adsense page my brain almost says, “Nope not doing this. I will just keep making this read like it’s in another language. Go write something we like that. Or go work we like that to.”

So overall, buy a domain of your blog name or 5 for a deal online if you are not sure. Play with the wordpress free blog options making your blog not searchable yet if you don’t want to put it up live while your playing with the options. Then follow the weeks towards something we both will see the results of (hopefully good) in the future. Since we are both on the same journey here; feel free to email me anytime if you find something that is helpful for me to, or with any other questions. Either way, we are both on the way to something new with wordpress and two heads are better than one.