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It doesn’t matter how we get into a situation where we have a roommate. It’s how we prepare for the worst and if we discover the roommate it crazy (not the good kind) or evil than we need to integrate solutions that may require some well….balls. It’s all worth it to fix this situation because crazy or evil people can have an effect on your life and, “just keeping to yourself,” never works and only fuels their fire to come up with ideas to make you want to be homeless. Typical reasons we are having a room-mate: our first room-mate experience away at college, after college, renting a room, or simply moving in with a friend, and the dreaded blind date version of the roommate. If you don’t execute these tips and instructions while moving in with someone you haven never met or only spoken to over the phone, or by email you’re a moron or have some unfulfilled need to punish yourself.


Question: I was hanging out with this guy for a while and know he is giving me mixed signals. He calls me one day and wants’ to hang out and then sometimes he won’t answer my call’s or text.


I was hanging out with this guy for a while and know he is giving me mixed signals. He calls me one day and wants’ to hang out and then sometimes he won’t answer my call’s or text.


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8 Sure Fire Way’s To Avoid or Cure The Roommate From Hell..




Making the leap from blogspot or free wordpress to a domain?

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I am a member and post to blog zone-a community for bloggers to ask others bloggers questions or discuss topics in the area of “blogging,”

I saw a question that basically stated, “Hey should I get a premium theme for wordpress or a regular theme? I changed the wording so I don’t out this person (who really seemed to want to know this). I wrote this post below.

Kelly M. Sowell • I feel your pain!!! This week I decided I am listening to everyone and making my personal rant, advice, and tips blog on blogspot into the domain version starting at and through wordpress. I was scared because I have quite a few readers, and my blog has been up since 2007. Not since a few months ago, did I feel enticed to make this one of my income streams or focus because 99% of the time my writing has turned to BLANK if the creativity feels it’s being fueled as a $ money source. So, writing is my 20 hour a week extra job, I do because I can’t help myself. Anyway, so I have my blog on blogspot and decided that even though I am using wordpress for the domain site, I should start by giving myself 3 weeks.

Week One: Buy your blog NAME domain only from any source you choose. Mine was about $10 dollars and I am sure if I took that time I could have gotten it cheaper but much like this project I just needed to get moving.

Week One Part Two: Set up the free wordpress blog and play around with it. Even if you already use wordpress knowing that you might turn premium, will make you execute actions and applications within the free blog system differently.

Week Three: Email a question list to wordpress and contact tech support for premium because I guarantee if they answer promptly, you will get a good feeling because you know if things go wrong or disastrous someone is there in a reasonable amount of time.

THEME: If you buy a wordpress theme it’s so worth it because they are that much more visually enhanced and structured. That average cost for a premium is like, $55 dollars or something. IF YOU GET THE FULL $99 dollars package you get any theme included within all the tons of extras including a domain. Remember, in a sense until .com were in a sense amateur no matter how good the content is. Premium themes need premium status for the blog. .COMand Premium go together and one missing is like wearing a really pretty dress three sizes to big. (silly example but it just came to mind).


Overall, wordpress premium package is $99 dollars a year. Premium is the best choice. I am still waiting my last week to keep getting a feel for the minimal things offered on wordpress free blogs, and doing research. I bought my domain, so I am only still deciding on what to do with my blogspot blog and making sure I am reading other options for monetization (hired) I have tried monetization many times over the years and while I am smart my mind for some reason hates the idea of monetizing. Every time my eyes hit my google Adsense page my brain almost says, “Nope not doing this. I will just keep making this read like it’s in another language. Go write something we like that. Or go work we like that to.”

So overall, buy a domain of your blog name or 5 for a deal online if you are not sure. Play with the wordpress free blog options making your blog not searchable yet if you don’t want to put it up live while your playing with the options. Then follow the weeks towards something we both will see the results of (hopefully good) in the future. Since we are both on the same journey here; feel free to email me anytime if you find something that is helpful for me to, or with any other questions. Either way, we are both on the way to something new with wordpress and two heads are better than one.

Real Ways to Earn Money The Only Database for Earning Money Online In 2012

  1. Real Ways to Earn Money Online.

    “For Anyone Who Want’s To Work From Home, Or Anyone Who Loves 
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    Kelly, writer of Kelly Speechless.

    Email Details:

    TO: To the writer and owner of where I read the this link: Answering Questions – Paid Experts

    ABOUT: The Format for this message is based on freely speaking tone without professional voice in order to be as real with you as you are to your readers.

    Anna the author of the blog:Real Ways to Earn Money Online and, Extra Cash and Rewards is someone who deserves a little more than the email below so I decided to post it up on my blog in the hopes that others will check out her blog and find it a key portal point bookmark, for business arenas in every facet.

    September 20, 2012, My email to the writer of the blog,

    Dear Anna,

    As a business enthusiast and lover of all things “making money,” I learned a lot from your site even though working at home is more of an extra optional gig. Thanks for being such an inspiration among business women who provide high quality with their claim to do so. Business and evolving the mind to encompass more capacity to learn comes in many forms and this is one that got my attention.

    Overall…I Just wanted to send you my very sincere thanks and appreciation for having such an extended database of home option’s for people. People working outside the home and those who already work at home need an extensive database and you provide one. There are scours of searches for a website such as yours that have options detailed in a database with a separate site for work at home JOB’s and EARNING EXTRA MONEY. The job listings and options for earning in your free time or down time come with concrete reviews. You care and most of all offer people a chance to have one of these positions which could lead to a career that they never thought possible. (I am sure this has happened from viewing your work and website).

    I am currently in, “Looking for other opportunities like crazy mode due to honestly, a gut feeling and obsession with making money. I also love to see what is out there in the business world especially the internet. I have been doing this search/read/seize/forum/ exploration of all things money and online for year. Just recently I began focusing my research on work at home positions pushing that as the main objective.

    In the past six months of doing this there is not one better option or guide than your blog hands down. If you were ever worried about paying it forward, I am here to tell you that your time is up and you paid it a long time ago. I am putting you on my list of inspiring women for a blog post coming up here: Kelly Speechless if you want to look out for it or I will email you the link when it’s done.

    This is my personal blog and is not reflective of work or serious areas just something that has turned into a place that people like to go to without a motive. Thanks again, and I would love to keep this connection and pass information applicable to each other in the future if the situation comes up. It’s always inspiring to see a woman who is smart and most of all has a plethora of good information to back up her obvious intelligence. As a 27-year-old female I can say I have learned more about business as a whole without even directly thinking “work at home,” than I have in a while. This information shows us a lot about the industry of online well..consumer driven life. I also like how you chose your reviews to be worthy of one, but hold your tongue when you feel someone else might love or benefit from something that you think isn’t for you.

    You send a good message to other women by doing this: You indicate that some companies or your longevity with them, should depend of what they do for you. You give people here the option to do trial and error quickly to see what fits for them.


    This didn’t mean to be a life story/essay/a narrative lol.. Also, after reading this message you aren’t weird-ed out in any way or think My continued thanks to your presence online as a women who knows her shit. Excuse the language but my there is not better sounding way that says it.

    Thanks again,




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