Being Called A “Crazy Woman,” Is Only Funny If It Was Tagged By Someone On Amazon.

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My blog was just tagged with these tags below. Wow, what a great day. I find the tags a compliment. What do you think?
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I Was Called and Tagged the Following and it isn’t even 6pm yet.

I think I did my job of pissing someone off today. Oh well, it made my smile. By the way, I might be crazy but not a psychopath (not yet anyway).

I took off the amazon blog because  it was on my old blogspot address so I will give a few days to let Mr. Tag Fucker to Calm down and take a zanax before I submit this website kindle blog.

Dear tag enthusiast: Why didn’t you write a bad review instead of just putting up “f-you tag’s?”

Your a little bitch. My opinion. You made my day, and I am requesting some more tags as soon as my kindle blog debuts (the new one).

Tag’s About Me.

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Even Oprah Makes Mistakes.

Film Fun Magazine - Circus Days (April 1924) ....

If you are told to find yourself without instruction go find a mirror and slap yourself awake because that is red flag #1 when reading bad content on this subject. How do I know this to be true? Your gut already told you before I wrote a word.

Lately, the amount of spam articles and information intended for those wanting relationship advice has seemed to double. Many websites, offers, and content are filled with horrible relationship advice. This content always leads to some kind of silly series to buy, or more and more information that is low quality. Then there are many articles that pose a question such as, “How to get your ex back in 3 ways,” and by the end of the article the question isn’t answered. The three ways didn’t give direction but instead gave the reader a round about self explanatory automated sounding mess.

Would you ask a relationship advice expert to do your taxes, or teach you how to set up a car website with just knowing they were solid in the area of relationship advice expertise?

I never thought that I had a strong moral complex, but I have been in the industry six years now and I have never used BS as a tactic to gain anything. Why? Because I am good at what I do. I am not a good accountant, or ballet dancer, I am an expert at providing relationship advice.  I also am not in the industry of online spam marketing, that I integrate with my expertise. I am not saying that marketing online is wrong.

Prove It! Anyone who wants to offer a way in which my expertise can be tested against another’s I would do it in a heartbeat. If there was such a crazy competition about there, I bet a lot of these experts would not do this.

Books: If you forgot what you read the next day, then that book didn’t give you any advice. Advice doesn’t have to be followed to become advice. The first step is having in your mind as an option or a tactic that enables a space in your mind. If you forget it the next day then it didn’t provide you with any advice.

If you market me at least don’t try and fake being knowledgeable about the offer you pose.

1952 - When A Girl Is A Teaser - Part 1

1952 – When A Girl Is A Teaser – Part 1 (Photo credit: clotho98)

Just don’t call yourself an expert, don’t give advice one on one, and make sure you have good content. If you guys are going to buy content at least buy some that doesn’t either sound automated or like someone was intoxicated while they wrote it. Grammar or spelling errors are far better than an article where there is a posed question and no answer. I never leave without the answer. I am not little miss perfect (actually I am the polar opposite I am just saying that it makes me confused and angry when people who really want some insight only see cheesy ads where people are playing in the park and some women is offering a six CD workshop on how to date yourself first or something else ridiculous.

How to know if this is probably a bad buy: If it is similar or closely based on this principle or words filled with, “find myself in the backyard of my 2nd soul,” type of programs.

If the person offering the product or service has more than two articles that pose a question in the title but never answer the question. Example: “How to get over a guy step by step.” – What are the steps? Make sure if they step says Example: “Step One: Focus On You. Well, do they tell you what they mean when they say to focus on yourself? And say focusing on yourself meant doing something unpleasant? How would that reap a benefit?

Even Oprah Makes Mistakes.

If this person has been on the Oprah Winfery show, and you still smell bull shift then don’t do it. Oprah has stated many times that she is not perfect, and has made many mistakes and had people on her show throughout the years that she might not now. This is my opinion. I happen to  like Oprah, and while her fiction book suggestions are 20 for 20 with me, I have run into some relationship advice experts who were on Oprah or claimed they were on the show in some capacity. You know what I thought silently, “Even Oprah Makes Mistakes.”

How to do something about it – or at least not let someone else waste five minutes.

Comment on the ridiculous. Rating is all good but even a polite question like, “I am confused? Where is the part about cheating? Thank you.” IS FINE. They are not likely to answer or if they do will likely speak in psychology/thesaurus like language where the goal is to make you feel stupid. I have  the education in psychology and you would be surprised all the made up term we never used in school. Also, giving relationship advice was my gig way before the degree, and my foundation has not wavered even though I learned a lot. It just didn’t apply as an execution but it did as an understanding.

Please leave a comment if you know anyone who was scammed by a dating or relationship coach or expert, or found articles or information that had such low quality that it angered you.

Lastly, DON’T CALL IT A SCAM unless you know for sure. SPAM and SCAM are very different, and calling something (even if it is worthless) a SCAM when it is not, isn’t even fair to the twiddle Dees and twiddle dumbs whom are writing this shitty content.

Spam – Unsolicited commercial email, often sent in bulk quantities.Spammer – Someone who sends unsolicited commercial email, often in bulk quantities.

Important Sources and Closely Related Content Of My Choice.

First if you think you have been scammed please contact Consumer Fraud Reporting to report this incident or request information about what you might consider a scam but are unsure.

  • Multilevel Marketing Plans [PDF] – Explains how MLM plans and illegal pyramiding works. Offers tips to help you decide whether to join a MLM plan. 8.5″x11″, 2 pages.
  • Seminar Pitch: A Real Curve Ball [PDF] – Warns consumers about solicitations and infomercials promoting seminars and conferences that promise to help consumers make a lot of money. Tips to avoid getting hit by the seminar pitch. 8.5″x11″, 4 pages.

Here is another source from one of my favorite online business blogs: Real Way’s To Make Money Online: where the author of this blog explains in detail her take on scams:

The Definition of “Scam”

by Anna on October 7, 2012

I see various work at home opportunities get labeled as “scams” quite often when this is not the case at all. It happens not only in the comments here on this site sometimes, but on forums I visit as well.

The bottom line is this — simply having a bad experience with a company does not mean they’re a scam and in fact calling out a company as such is very serious so be careful when you say that, especially when you aren’t 100 percent sure you’re right.

So what exactly is a a scam? Well, it’s safe to say that a company is a scam when they’ve tried to take your money or steal your personal information to use for their own purposes. For example, these fake envelope stuffing jobs are basically all scams. You pay for information with promises of making tons of money only to find out that in order to make the money you’ve got to scam others into believing what you did so they’ll pay too. I have  a lot of examples of work at home scams listed here.

But is a company a scam because they unfairly fired you? No. Is it a scam because you don’t like the way they run things? No. Is it a scam because they have a poorly designed website? No. Is it a scam because you worked and then didn’t get paid? Not always — if this happens to you, definitely contact the company before publicly declaring them a scam to see if it can be straightened out in case it was a mistake. If it appears they aren’t paying other people either, then you should be worried.

If you truly think something I have listed is a scam, please please email me so I can check it out before making a public statement that could be very damaging to the reputation of that company. I do read every single email I get so I can assure you it won’t be ignored! I only want legitimate things listed here so I will definitely take your emails seriously.

The Definition of “Scam”

by Anna on October 7, 2012 · Quoted text italicized above was written by the owner of, “Real Ways To Earn Money Online. If you want to read the rest of this article or get the link to email the writer then CLICK HERE.

Consumer Fraud Reporting Website:  where you find free materials about scam’s and specific types of online scam’s. LINK: Direct Link For Information On Scam’s, Spam and how to identify each, plus instructions to report an incident: Consumer Fraud Reporting DOT ORG Resources of Applicable Material; Along With My Favorite Links:For great articles and book suggestions please visit ,

Your Free Checking Account Cheated On You In 2010: How To Move On And Trade Up In Your Bank Choice For 2012.


My love of all thing’s and info graphic’s gave me no choice but to show you exactly how none of us have free checking. At least it’s pretty.
CHECKING Infographic: How free is your checking?
Read more: Infographic: How free is your checking? Moving your checking account to a new bank Moving your checking account to a new bank

Making the leap from blogspot or free wordpress to a domain?

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I am a member and post to blog zone-a community for bloggers to ask others bloggers questions or discuss topics in the area of “blogging,”

I saw a question that basically stated, “Hey should I get a premium theme for wordpress or a regular theme? I changed the wording so I don’t out this person (who really seemed to want to know this). I wrote this post below.

Kelly M. Sowell • I feel your pain!!! This week I decided I am listening to everyone and making my personal rant, advice, and tips blog on blogspot into the domain version starting at and through wordpress. I was scared because I have quite a few readers, and my blog has been up since 2007. Not since a few months ago, did I feel enticed to make this one of my income streams or focus because 99% of the time my writing has turned to BLANK if the creativity feels it’s being fueled as a $ money source. So, writing is my 20 hour a week extra job, I do because I can’t help myself. Anyway, so I have my blog on blogspot and decided that even though I am using wordpress for the domain site, I should start by giving myself 3 weeks.

Week One: Buy your blog NAME domain only from any source you choose. Mine was about $10 dollars and I am sure if I took that time I could have gotten it cheaper but much like this project I just needed to get moving.

Week One Part Two: Set up the free wordpress blog and play around with it. Even if you already use wordpress knowing that you might turn premium, will make you execute actions and applications within the free blog system differently.

Week Three: Email a question list to wordpress and contact tech support for premium because I guarantee if they answer promptly, you will get a good feeling because you know if things go wrong or disastrous someone is there in a reasonable amount of time.

THEME: If you buy a wordpress theme it’s so worth it because they are that much more visually enhanced and structured. That average cost for a premium is like, $55 dollars or something. IF YOU GET THE FULL $99 dollars package you get any theme included within all the tons of extras including a domain. Remember, in a sense until .com were in a sense amateur no matter how good the content is. Premium themes need premium status for the blog. .COMand Premium go together and one missing is like wearing a really pretty dress three sizes to big. (silly example but it just came to mind).


Overall, wordpress premium package is $99 dollars a year. Premium is the best choice. I am still waiting my last week to keep getting a feel for the minimal things offered on wordpress free blogs, and doing research. I bought my domain, so I am only still deciding on what to do with my blogspot blog and making sure I am reading other options for monetization (hired) I have tried monetization many times over the years and while I am smart my mind for some reason hates the idea of monetizing. Every time my eyes hit my google Adsense page my brain almost says, “Nope not doing this. I will just keep making this read like it’s in another language. Go write something we like that. Or go work we like that to.”

So overall, buy a domain of your blog name or 5 for a deal online if you are not sure. Play with the wordpress free blog options making your blog not searchable yet if you don’t want to put it up live while your playing with the options. Then follow the weeks towards something we both will see the results of (hopefully good) in the future. Since we are both on the same journey here; feel free to email me anytime if you find something that is helpful for me to, or with any other questions. Either way, we are both on the way to something new with wordpress and two heads are better than one.

Real Ways to Earn Money The Only Database for Earning Money Online In 2012

  1. Real Ways to Earn Money Online.

    “For Anyone Who Want’s To Work From Home, Or Anyone Who Loves 
    Reading & Learning About Business As A Whole Has A Lot To Gain From This Blog: For Online Work of Any Kind In 2012; there is no where else to look but HERE..“
    Kelly, writer of Kelly Speechless.

    Email Details:

    TO: To the writer and owner of where I read the this link: Answering Questions – Paid Experts

    ABOUT: The Format for this message is based on freely speaking tone without professional voice in order to be as real with you as you are to your readers.

    Anna the author of the blog:Real Ways to Earn Money Online and, Extra Cash and Rewards is someone who deserves a little more than the email below so I decided to post it up on my blog in the hopes that others will check out her blog and find it a key portal point bookmark, for business arenas in every facet.

    September 20, 2012, My email to the writer of the blog,

    Dear Anna,

    As a business enthusiast and lover of all things “making money,” I learned a lot from your site even though working at home is more of an extra optional gig. Thanks for being such an inspiration among business women who provide high quality with their claim to do so. Business and evolving the mind to encompass more capacity to learn comes in many forms and this is one that got my attention.

    Overall…I Just wanted to send you my very sincere thanks and appreciation for having such an extended database of home option’s for people. People working outside the home and those who already work at home need an extensive database and you provide one. There are scours of searches for a website such as yours that have options detailed in a database with a separate site for work at home JOB’s and EARNING EXTRA MONEY. The job listings and options for earning in your free time or down time come with concrete reviews. You care and most of all offer people a chance to have one of these positions which could lead to a career that they never thought possible. (I am sure this has happened from viewing your work and website).

    I am currently in, “Looking for other opportunities like crazy mode due to honestly, a gut feeling and obsession with making money. I also love to see what is out there in the business world especially the internet. I have been doing this search/read/seize/forum/ exploration of all things money and online for year. Just recently I began focusing my research on work at home positions pushing that as the main objective.

    In the past six months of doing this there is not one better option or guide than your blog hands down. If you were ever worried about paying it forward, I am here to tell you that your time is up and you paid it a long time ago. I am putting you on my list of inspiring women for a blog post coming up here: Kelly Speechless if you want to look out for it or I will email you the link when it’s done.

    This is my personal blog and is not reflective of work or serious areas just something that has turned into a place that people like to go to without a motive. Thanks again, and I would love to keep this connection and pass information applicable to each other in the future if the situation comes up. It’s always inspiring to see a woman who is smart and most of all has a plethora of good information to back up her obvious intelligence. As a 27-year-old female I can say I have learned more about business as a whole without even directly thinking “work at home,” than I have in a while. This information shows us a lot about the industry of online well..consumer driven life. I also like how you chose your reviews to be worthy of one, but hold your tongue when you feel someone else might love or benefit from something that you think isn’t for you.

    You send a good message to other women by doing this: You indicate that some companies or your longevity with them, should depend of what they do for you. You give people here the option to do trial and error quickly to see what fits for them.


    This didn’t mean to be a life story/essay/a narrative lol.. Also, after reading this message you aren’t weird-ed out in any way or think My continued thanks to your presence online as a women who knows her shit. Excuse the language but my there is not better sounding way that says it.

    Thanks again,




    Related articles: The Link’s Below Don’t Compare To The Database included within:

    Here are some articles below to compare to to see the HUGE difference in information available. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK AND COMMENT.


This Need’s To Be Included In a Business Success Book Geared Towards Women.

LinkedIn Comment I left when prompted about about what women need to have in a book about women and business.


Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase


 A Need To Know Basis: Outfit Optional.


These topics below might not relate to your objective but from a personal standpoint I find these areas so overlooked and important. Thanks. You might see a typo or two because I had to do this in a hurry but wanted to make sure I posted it.


Personal finance, the stock market, and politics mixed with current events are in need of a quickie or full education.


If any women feels not knowledgeable enough to answer a trivia question (example: shows in which a microphone appears in a women s face and when she asked who the president is or any other question that should be obvious-she doesn’t have the answer or knows only what the answer rhymes with).


I will explain: Even though you might consider your financial status one not in need of a full financial plan or an understanding of all things, “personal finance,” you are making a big mistake by overlooking this topic. There are so many women out there who don’t know about money-and these women are a lot of the time – smart women, educated women, women who study business-anyone can make this mistake.


I was the poster child for thinking I didn’t need to know these things because they didn’t effect me or effect me yet. I also felt that since I was educated and well versed on many other things I kind of did my share of being, “well informed,” in some way that made me sleep well not knowing what was going on in the world or in the banks I put my money into. At 23 I nipped this in the bud and now at 27, it’s scary to think I was living without so many options, and making so many mistakes just by not thinking I needed to know about these topics.


The stock market-Even if you are never going to invest a dime in your life, or hate the stock market-you need to have an understanding of the market, and have a good understanding of your options if you were to invest. I was guilty at 22 when I realized that I always ignored the CNN channel if stocks were discussed (a lot CNN). I asked myself why, and I felt that the subject just bored me. WRONG. I thought again. I didn’t want to watch or stay updated on the stock market because I didn’t feel as a woman I needed to know that area. The Iphany led me to reading a lot of books, making an elective course swap, and the results were staggering. Just ignoring the stock market had let me out of the loop on so many things not, “stock quote,” related.


Politics and Current Events: As we might have discovered about this upcoming election there might be some voters who are enticed to flip a coin for their vote. Knowing what is going on with politics and our world is vital even if you never pick status of political standing. It’s not about knowing to participate (even though of course  we should) it’s about understanding the world around us and having more confidence.


Overall, it’s ok to want to look good, watch junk on TV, or exude any other activity that doesn’t say, “smart and savvy.” AS LONG AS YOUR WALKING AROUND WITH A KNOWLEDGE OF CATEGORIES LIKE I MENTIONED ABOVE. You don’t have to execute a decision based on your knowledge of: finance, the stock market, current events, or politics=but it’s so important to know about these things.


Lastly, I am still learning and don’t have a stock investment success story, a new supporter of BLANK party story, or a story about how if I didn’t know about current events that day I would have died story. I am a work in progress, who happens to feel so much more confidence, and benefit everyday from having a good understanding of the issues above.


Again, was in a hurry sorry for any typos if there are any.


(this information above was written for the purpose of the person who posed the question to use or interpret my written material. Rights Reserved won’t reflect her use or any other members of LinkedIn and the group where this was posted with the same copyright. IN OTHER WORD’S-The text above is not under my copyrighted indication and free to use for LinkedIn members).