In Committed Relationship’s 2013 Needs To Be The Year Sex Is Not Turned Down. Ever.


Sex Is The Glue: cheating and sex issues in a relationship are separate. 

Those not able to have sex should have more respect from other humans to not bitch or screw up what is fun and normal! And hot and great!

People who are healthy adults I am sure make those who can’t have sex fired up. If you couldn’t have sex and heard someone complaining about having it you might knock someone out that day…I would maybe..

Dear human being who needs sex, 

Ultimatum before and sex with others later. It is giving you way bigger chance of going to hell if you don’t simply deal with already not going to work status before you meet Satan. If you don’t use protection start praying.

Are cheaters evil?

Yea I am sure but those who live hell for no reason are more sense wise-not even selfishly gaining. Robbing a bank is wrong but incentive is there – possible cash.

What is the incentive for denying sex? No gift card right?

Some. Do they solely cheat because you wouldn’t give them sex. NO! They could have been needing sex but deep down there is something psychological about allowing yourself to cheat or use that absence of sex to turn things into a war zone.

Once Upon A Time Always About Tom.

Tom: “Hmmmm my wife wont sleep with me. She wont try. I think since i look Innocent in all this I am going to bang the neighbor and not only turn any possible blame or chance of a future sex life into nothing, I am going to do it today!”

WRONG! Sex issue caused by you? The innocent wont voluntarily give up the title of poor man or women. Cheating was an act based one thing: not caring and not being honest and sex or lack there of is not applicable.

Sex: None or someone is not in the mood (life always cares when I am in the mood..)

Result: Shitty relationship or ending soon status relationship.

Sexual relationship: Normal and not problem free by any means just at least doing the free natural five-minute fun stuff is good to go.

Cheater: In both situations is still a cheater.

Females cheat just as much as men. Since this is written by me and I have long hair and boobs it’s easier for me to write he and she. Does it look like I am blaming men more? I hope not but he or she is over used and sounds worse than using Sincerely when ending an email like Jane Austen did when we don’t use any other proper send off.

50% Cheaters Other 50% Crazy SWITCH

You know that asshole or crazy evil bitch you dated a long time ago? Guess what? There is a female or male version of that person somewhere and I might hear about him from a clients tomorrow. The crazies wont stick together because they don’t like selfish people aka themselves.

I am 28 years old, so I have to make sure that I count the days to 29 or I will forget my birthday slowly or shit cheat! First part of sense meets crazy person=excuse.

It’s story time!

Cheating Is Not Justified Or Even In Comparison.

My little story trying to reiterate that cheating and not have enough sex is about as similar as using the word Fuck instead of pardoning it with French. None. 

Once upon a geographical fictional based…

Example: Cheating Land Had A Parade Called, “Karma Peace Offerings.” 

Sexless Land was not invited nor cared and went to gain five pounds and blame it and other things as the reason why the five minute fun is a chore for her husband/wife/whomever. 

Cheatingland and Sexlessland get drunk and go steady!!!

Cheating+Sexless+Might Equal….!!! The same shit but here were using the “land.”

Cheatingland likes to cheat so since Sexlessland doesn’t offer sex the best excuse is provided for so Cheatingland can feel less guilt, little does he know in this story all cheating lands burn and go to hell so…but anyway..

Sexlessland wouldn’t ponder: If I only slept with a natural-born cheaterland then the relationship would have survived.

Sexlessland would just have sex issues alone and in the future without Cheatingland  being a factor.

Cheatingland Burns (Hell karma) later. 

Sexlessland: Goes Towards Unhappiness For No Reason. 

What does this mean? Not a whole lot of sense but if you don’t get my Kelly Verbage yet here is the short version: Sexless relationship and a cheating relationship = 2 things/can be combined but are not created by one another.


Below is a recent photo post I am re-posting for an example read underneath.


He Or She Says Their Tired, Or I have to clean the patio first??

  • Fuck that. Sorry. Sex is normal and when there are new sex roles that once said, “I want you,” and now say, “I can deal without easy,” THERE IS A PROBLEM NOW!
  • You Can’t Blame Me For What Biology Created In Your Pan’ts.
  • Your a bleeding human who normally wants sex.
  • Your partner starts to act “different.”

Sex is something that is fun, and turning it down or making something you need dishes put away for is not human nature nor is it how our bodies were made. The pleasure and climax women feel from sexual arousal are not in any vicinity that prepares or aids childbirth. That means that your sexual physical response was made for one reason: sex. If an organ isn’t used or is set to dormant mode due to issues of getting to comfy then that is not normal. If you have health issues then that is another subject, so I am not countering that into this comment because it would not be fair to suggest alternatives without knowing the condition of health.

  1. Wrong: “I better make sure we have sex or I hardly say no or he will cheat!” WRONG!
  2. Right: “I better make sure I take under half an hour to feel good for free because it’s normal. I also need to express myself alone to add to the fun and add to the fun with the plus one.
  3. “He cheated because I didn’t sleep with him.” WRONG
  4. “He cheated because he is a cheater.”
  5. “She cheated because she is a cheater.”

You didn’t sleep with him and your sexual regression can be fixed. Also, you might have avoided an STD so your less desire could very well be God giving you a little gift.

For years I thought guy’s were a little more at fault. I was wrong. Sorry guys I really thought it was 65 cheaters men versus the rest women. WRONG.

For years I was wrong. I was sure men were at least ten percent more likely to cheat. WRONG. Hundreds and hundreds of clients later, four years and keeping great records we are still 50/50.

He Needs To Do Things For Me And Then We Can Have Sex..IS WRONG! You don’t even buy this one!

Why don’t you tell him to clean your whole house everyday and bring you flowers on Tuesdays? He does it? Now what? You still have to do the sex part! Oh no! How is that normal.

“Hey honey, I know this will feel good and only take two commercials long but I feel you need to clean or buy something this week first. I am not in the mood.”

When it comes to issue of being tired as an excuse to not have sex, or thinking it is something that is a chore: There is something wrong. Not normal. If your partner does not get help and wont have sex with you then it’s time to go then date or seek out other options. It’s no excuse for cheating and no excuse to stay as well.

No sex? She/He won’t get help? Time to start packing. Sex is the glue. Cheating and sex are two different entities: Sex=relationship cheating=wrong action and deceit in a sexless or sexual relationship.


Last Excuse: “Well Kelly, sorry we all can’t be a big whore like you!”

Peep show window displaying pornographic enter...

My response: I know I am personally very sexually intune: AKA I love it and always have. I don’t sleep around I sleep with one and never turn him down because why would I? It would be like turning down Disney Land.

“Hey Kelly want a free trip to Disney?”

“It will only take five to ten minutes of fantastic fun!”

“No, I don’t feel like it. I think your making me feel like your not an asshole. I will cry now.”

So, not all women or men have to buy outfits go nuts or be a big whore! Start with normal.

Then, go be a whore with one person.


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