So Network Solutions is making me trashy.

Yes I said it. If you have tried to contact Kelly through the contact page chances are she didn’t receive shit.

Let’s cut the third person Out.

Network Solutions forgot a solution Okay so I thought using Network Solutions for my email account associated with Kelly would at least be a mild success in that I would receive the emails.

I’ve never heard of an email or who sang platform have email account trouble but I guess there’s a first for everything I am going to look at the nicer side of things and set up some extra incentive properties 2 keep Network Solutions currently

If you have any questions about why your email has not been received then Google Network Solutions email issues or if you want to get in touch with me temporarily I hear Yahoo still works so I set up a temporary Email
First word Kelly second word speechless third half word TEMP

If you’re willing 2 even sending email after this pathetic and centrally maybe karma induced declasse way of contacting me then I understand just comment or hope that Network Solutions comes up with a solution if you were reader you are probably worried more for them.


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