My Advice Is Better Your Mother’s.

DISCLAIMER: I do not mean “all,” mother’s the title choice makes it more dramatic effect. 
A Personal Post That Helps Later More Than Instantaneous- Just read it.
How does this have to do with relationships and dating? Because if a similar situation is going on in your life and you find it a PROMBLEM in your current relationship/relationships you need to fix it or get help! ASAP
I am lucky that my life and mistakes are not a direct red flag to a mom issue. But if yours is, get help! 


My Advice Is Better Than Some Mother’s And My Mother’s For Sure.

CRYSTAL VASE FROM MY PARENT'S WEDDING. PURE CRYSTAL. Never Touched. This was given to the couple in 1980 and this picture is before I cleaned it.

CRYSTAL VASE FROM MY PARENT’S WEDDING. PURE CRYSTAL. Never Touched. This was given to the couple in 1980 and this picture is before I cleaned it.
Who took, owns, and has this image under copyright??? ME.
Copyright 2013 No copy

My mother sucks. She does. Trust me. She didn’t have a chance to ruin my life do to my father deciding his children would pretty much be screwed if she had any extra part in it.

Just like her though, before the batter got to schedule conflicting to her busing, and cruising she opted out to let her daughters go without driving their dad towards her type of “mental skill set.” 

Don’t worry. I am 28 years old, and no one died in this story. Pity or sad stories exist and this one isn’t. It just happens to include the fact that my mother never gave me advice. I am glad for it. Not, thankful in retrospect from having forgiven her though. 

What the hell is forgiveness as a release to appease shitty people anyway? 

I feel that if verbally or spiritually forgiving someone floats your boat have at it. I don’t forgive my mom because she’s a bitch. She is not evil, but I don’t forgive her. She wouldn’t forgive her. By trying to lie to myself and forgive would only make me full of shit and not less or more happy. 

You can’t think and feel your mom is cook and live in or around the nest.

If you genually feel your mom is a nutzo and hang with her or give her your credit card once in a while to buy emergency groceries this post is not for you. 

Recently, you would be suprised I defended my mom against her bohemian crazier version of a mother. Why? My mom was getting accused of shit she did not do. 

My mom has done so much fucked up shit, so getting her getting accused of some shit she didn’t do pissed me off for some reason. Since my dad isn’t an asshole he at the end of the day always does what needs to be done (at a distance) to make sure she is alive. 

Does she love me? 

Probably. In her way. Sure? Why not it does not matter. 

Share Your Mother’s Advice? She Better Deserve it. 


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