No One Is Frightened To Have A Relationship Status Change.

 If He Say’s, “I am scared to be in a relationship.”

Bull Shit Myth #4

Pretend your guy had to fill this three question document out. I will answer for him.

Are you in a relationship? yes no.

Does changing from dating to exclusive scare you in the least bit? yes no.

Are you full of shit when you tell her you are scared? yes no.

Oh….I supposed to give you this letter first…

Dear Yourself, 
Hey this is your gut instinct. You know how every time Frank says he is scared I scream, “He’s lying bitch! Don’t believe him!” I was just touching base to verify that is me screaming and not your cell phone vibrating in your purse. 
Looks Like I Will Be Talking To You A Lot If We Are Going To Around This Loser.
The one who tells you to run when someone chases you.
Your Gut Instinct. 

Let’s Conquer The Relative Possibility of Being Scared Of A Relationship First.

Is there such a fear in existence?

What do you do if he/she is scared to be in a relationship?

Can this fear subside after you have proved your loyalty?

Is being scared to be committed a valid excuse?
I will answer all these questions but before I do, I need you to participate in a quick exercise. Don’t read this questions below and think about relationships. Just think about times in your childhood, early teens, after high school, adult hood, or now when below.

 Let’s Go To The Meaning Of Which You Associate This Fear.

#1 When is that first time you can remember feeling scared?

#2 What were you most afraid or fearful of as a child?

#3 Have you ever conquered a fear that was with you for years and now you have come to enjoy it?

#4 Think about a few things people easily are fearful of for a moment.

#5 When someone comes up behind you and you don’t expect it, would say, “You scared me!” apply to the feeling of fear or being scared for a second.

6# If you were scared to be with someone specific what would you do?

7# Have you ever been scared in or before a relationship enough to walk away?

8# If your scared to be with someone and linger them on knowing it’s not going to happen, or are unsure if the “no more fear,” Gods will let his/her positive behavior cure you?

If you are someone who is scared to be with someone, would it be presumptuous to say you also fear:

  • hurting someone.
  • drama.
  • creating more than you can handle: Dating two people. (one relationship is scary enough, bringing in two people wanting to be with you at the same time would be terrifying).
  • dating someone or anyone who wants a serious relationship.
  • making things slow: no one wants a scary situation to be given to them slowly they want it to be over fast!
  • Wait for trust to develop: Trust is already apart of the whole package. Being scared can’t be subsidized because the fear of the relationship was there before the person was.
  • continuing to talk this person who they are, “fearing from getting to close to because it would hurt.”
  • trying to actively conquer this fear because trust and relationships in life is something that is always at risk of happening. Flying a plane might be a conquerable fear but those who succeed usually don’t have frequent flyer miles.
  • don’t date at all. If you know that you are deeply scared about getting into something serious you cannot date. That would only give you too many chances at which that fear can be a reality.

BOTTOM LINE: Stick to spiders, unwanted hair, goblins, ghosts, flying air planes, and those movies that really scare you opposed to the ones you just pretend do.

Do you own a snake tank or cage?

Is This Snake Cage Next To Your Bed?

Snakes are only pets to those who do not fear them with terror. The feeling we get when someone scares us doesn’t feel like anything attached to relationship emotions. If Clowns scare you, then you probably would not get as close as you could to one for a long time. If you did, you certainly wouldn’t stick around as the clown friend, or take anything; especially time slow in the presence of one.
If a person is really scared to further a relationship then you can’t change that by showing him/her that you can be trusted. That person needs to go get some help or find some alternative to improve that fear and in the mean time leave us all alone. Humans and there emotions can’t be tested like guinea pigs to see if that “fear,” will pop up or not.
If you are suggesting that you yourself have been scared of getting into a relationship you either still got into that one anyway, or you didn’t really deep down like him or her.

Running Scared (Eldar & Nigar song)

Running Scared (Eldar & Nigar song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Look Right: They Look Scared As Shit To Me! What Do You Think?


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