Why Referencing To Other Grown Women As: Princess, Girl, Girl Friend, Savvy With A Bitch Tag Makes You Sound Like A Moron: Bitch Is Fine But Next To Sassy Or Princess?

I am so sick and tired of seeing titles of books or articles like this, “Get It Together And Be Super Bass Ass Princess.”

“Sexy and Savvy Way’s To Be A Resume Queen.”

“Get It In Gear Girl!”

“Girl Friend You Are Wrong: Princess Guide To Guys & More.”

“Savvy Bitches Guide To Fabulous-city!”

Savvy-to know; understand.

Savvy does not also mean hot, sexy, cool or dressed for work and still looking hot.

Sassyadjective, sas·si·er, sas·si·est. Informal . impertinent; insolent; saucy: a sassy reply; a sassy teen.

pert; boldly smart; saucy: a sassy red handbag.

What Is Impertinent? adjective 1.intrusive or presumptuous, as persons or their actions;insolently rude; uncivil: a brash, impertinent youth.

2. not pertinent or relevant; irrelevant: an impertinent detail.

3. Archaic . inappropriate, incongruous, or absurd.

4. Obsolete . (of persons) trivial, silly, or absurd.


Example Sentences-It also describes the life of a princess, especially a princess by marriage.

For once in a video game, your princess isn’t in another castle.

-[prin-sis, -ses, prin-ses] Show IPA noun

  1. 1.a non reigning female member of a royal family.
  2. 2.History/Historical . a female sovereign or monarch; queen.
  3. 3.the consort of a prince.
  4. 4.(in Great Britain) a daughter or granddaughter (if the child of a son) of a king or queen.
  5. 5.a woman considered to have the qualities or characteristics of a princess.


Using Bitch is fine and if you say, “girl or girlfriend,” at home or daily that is fine too. But Princess is a name that represents: Disney, Your Puppy and a tragic pre determined title that usually led to death hundreds of years ago in Europe.

The problem is this bitches:

Women need to know personal finance! Women need to make it a no holds bar, numeral UNO need to do now connection within exhaling repetitions. We can try to break down who’s distortion this is, however it’s not an assertion of men trying to make women less motivated to learn about the stock market.  It’s not about women and men centralizing a new phraseology of thesis based pomp and circumstance! It’s simply that in 2012, females need to turn on the news and get some alleviation from that guilt contemplating that tells us when we should be exercising substance instead of making excuses.


3 thoughts on “Why Referencing To Other Grown Women As: Princess, Girl, Girl Friend, Savvy With A Bitch Tag Makes You Sound Like A Moron: Bitch Is Fine But Next To Sassy Or Princess?

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