My Review That Caused An Angry Man To Claim I Had No Interest In The Mona Lisa.

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First of all, I know how pathetic it was as an adult to partake in this behavior. I just really couldn’t fucking help myself. I am sickly happy about this too and wanted to share. So I write the product reviews a lot! Since I choose which products I will review and with which company, when I am done I always like go to amazon and post whatever I want as long as it’s truthful. I would rather eat glass than take this shit AddieUP that I review below.

This is where my first well….not first but competitive Amazon Product Comment War Began. See, usually when someone combats a review of mine they don’t have the ball’s or the ingrained stupidity to leave a trace. If someone left their name or other reviews then it would be relatively easy to find out they worked for the company selling the product that I reviewed, they whined and I ensued….

Anyway, so this time one of the head promoter/the messiah of this AddieUP shit poses as a regular customer and starts to actually talk shit!!!

Little does he know that he is not the only crazy person who will take part and entertain this losery type of behavior! He also doesn’t know anyone like me or think anyone would do anything this impolite. Wrong!

MY FIRST AND INITIAL REVIEW OF THIS PRODUCT TRYING TO PRETEND IT’S SIMILAR TO ADDERALL THAT I WAS GOING TO TEST AND REVIEW. After my hellish experience I decided more people needed to know this shit was horrible so I went over to amazon….

Addie Up? Nope Sorry Folks Addie Down., July 19, 2012

By Kelly S. “K.S”

This review is from: AddieUP

First of all,
I knew this wasn’t going to work and was going to be a waste of money. I only wanted to see if this product was worthless or had other problems people should be warned about that will do more than cause them to feel silly for spending the money.
I took this out of pure curiosity, and honestly I wanted to let others know about it afterwards in a positive way or as a warning. If the results were just in the middle or so pointless that reviewing it would just allow others to miss out on the lesson learned result (when you know your buying something ridiculous) afterwards.
Before I review this product I wanted to reference the other review about Addie Up on Amazon: Please read it first if you have not already to better understand the different experiences of both myself and the musician.
So, I didn’t fully fall for the fake story about the guy who stopped wanting to play guitar because of a new switcheroo in his med choice. Of course I couldn’t help but spring a grin reminiscent of the ones you hold in during church when “Addie UP,” was the assumed reason or part of why he wanted to play music again.
I did however not think this was going what it was: smelly, side effect’s with no benefit, and overall a big waste of money. After I consumed the dosage indicated I waited about thirty minutes..took a two-hour nap..and awoke thinking it was just one of those supplements that claim to make you super man but really just make you want to take a nap.
Then the Addie Up reared it’s weak but dirty little paw and gave me a slight stomach ache and horrible taste in my mouth for about three hours. No extreme sickness just feeling not to hot for a few hours + a little sweaty that was more of an annoyance than a worry or obvious change in body heat.
What I assumed the outcome was going to be of this tough? A big waste of money.
What I did not assume was gross side effects that lingered and weren’t even strong enough to induce nausea just make me feel very uncomfortable and gross for a few hours. FUN.
To Add: There are only 20 pills in the bottle. While this doesn’t pose an issue I am sure for the many people who didn’t finish it anyway-How long is Addie up supposed to last? 10 days? Then Addie some more cash?
Pro: It didn’t make me throw up.
Con: Smell, uneasiness, pointless pre nap intro, taste, smell and even the small bottle and quantity mocks you, “This is so not going to work and you could have just gotten a couple of energy drinks. You are such a moron.”
So, as you probably guessed this stuff is bogus Addie Up? Addie Down!

The Mona Lisa.


Kelly S. strikes me as a person who would find fault with the Mona Lisa because she didn’t like her smile. I take AddieUP every day and have never experienced the unpleasant reactions Kelly describes, especially the stomach ache or bad taste in the mouth. I find this product consistently effective, even in less than one capsule doses. It doesn’t make my heart race, unlike coffee. I am 63, athletic, and wouldn’t think of taking Adderall, but AddieUP fills a need for more energy and focus that I have felt since I was a child.
I find it remarkable that someone like Kelly S. would buy something, expecting it would be a waste of money and then take the trouble to review it. Come to think of it, I have occasionally met some unhappy people like this, but they are rare. I believe most people looking for a nice clean, well-formulated, performance-enhancer will find AddieUP a valuable product.AddieUP

Kelly S. (THAT’S ME KELLY S.) says:

Mr. Paul
You work and endorse Addie up and promote “Dr. Baker’s formula,” on many social sites. You website is centered around selling this product so it’s pretty unfair for you to take the time and sway other comments with what seems like a customer review and not from someone so close to the product.
You can read more about Addie up and Paul Kemp on his Addie up promo website with a broken link so you have to click twice:
About why my reviews are truthful and how I am qualified.
I am a merchandiser and product review expert who also performs user experience research for some great companies. I like to rate and find products that work. You know what? The Mona Lisa wasn’t that hot. Moreover, this is how the product affected me and your experience was different; it is an opinion. While I test products on the side and write about the experiences, I also am paid independently to select products for people. I have also studied the ingredients in this product and yomibie which is a substance found in the proprietary blend. Some side effects of this ingredient include dizziness, and nausea.
I am a very happy person and unlike you I have come across many unhappy people because it isn’t rare at all.
P.S. You should really be representing this brand with more class than to go on amazon and counteract a negative review of your product. Isn’t their bigger fish to fry than Kelly S. and her product reviews on Wow.
By the way if you see my product reviews, I have more 5 star reviews than any other rating for products.


Kelly S.: I will stand by my reply to your review, although — on reading your reply here — I wonder if you are confusing AddieUP with one of the many other products you have reviewed. There is no yohimbe  in AddieUP.
You say my Web site has a broken link. I just checked and it works fine.
I take exception to the underlying message you try to put across, that you are an honest reviewer, but anyone who posts a positive review of a product you don’t like must be lying.

I promote AddieUP and take it daily because it gives me good results. I promote AddieUP because I think others might like it, too. No product will work the same for everyone, but there is only one way to find out — Try it, see how it works for you. If you don’t like it for any reason, get a refund.

What is “yomibie”, anyway? I assume you mean yohimbe, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.
If you are going to write snarky reviews bashing products, at least get your facts straight about the ingredients.


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  1. You made some decent points there. I checked on the web for additional information about the issue and found
    most individuals will go along with your views
    on this website.

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