Are you dating the guy who cries blind?


Have you ever dating or been in a relationship with a guy, and you accuse him or mention something that his behavoir caused indicitive of obvious ill intentions? For example: “Hey I saw you grab my friends ass in a picture at the party last week..saved in your phone“.

Guy Who Cries Blind says, “You didn’t see anything. Your crazy.”

You say, “Yes I did. I will show you give me your phone.”

Guy Who Cries Blind says, “I am don’t even know where my phone is. I always save a lot of pictures on my phone you know that.”

You say, “WHAT?”

Two Days Later:

You say, “Hey, Mark there towing your car you better hurry before they take it!”

Guy Who Cries Blind says, ‘Oh shit!,” and runs towards the door to get his car.


Guy Who Cries Blind Is Guy Who Cries Blind Selectively more like it.

Bottom line: If a guy is trying to convince you that you are seeing things that aren’t real then that is a deal breaker. You can’t work with someone who pretends reality is only existent upon his choice. Period. Ultimatum time! The reason would not be the ass grab sometimes those things can be reconciled somehow — maybe — the reason would be the guy trying to convince you that it’s OK to pretend his mistakes are not only worth fixing or apologizing for that they are not even real in existence.

Guy who cries blind needs a see and eye dog not a girlfriend. He deserves neither.



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