When Your Ready To Get The Drama Out of Your Life…..

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Isn’t It Time to get the Drama out of your Life? Relationships can be hard and confusing for everyone at times. Sometimes talking to friends and family about your relationship issues isn’t enough.Having the option to talk to someone who is fully invested in helping solve your problems is very beneficial. I can be your voice of reason, the mouse in your pocket, and the person in your corner.I am a real person, who gives real advice. I never sugar coat the situation or judge anyone.I will always tell the truth. I will never just tell you something to make you happy if it doesn’t help you.Feeling comfortable, and talking to someone you can relate to; is what I strive to give my clients.Above all, my relationship advice is truly one of a kind.

Degrees and Qualifications:

Relationship Advice Expert and Advisor.•Psychology Degree•Relationship Advice Columnist.•Contributed many relationship advice articles to numerous websites,


Helping people solve problems that effect your emotional well being is my passion. It makes me feel amazing when I can make any part of someone’s life a little bit easier.Experienced and Completed Areas of Study:•Psychology.•Sociology.•Human Sexuality.•Behavioral Studies.•Communication.I can help you conquer a variety of relationship issues including:

•Dating•Cheating•Infidelity•Intimacy Issues

•Long Distance Relationships•Marriage•Divorce



•Relationship changes


•Relationship guilt•Improving relationship quality•Love

•Friendships Before you accept your relationship diagnosis; get a second opinion from me.

If you were diagnosed with a medical problem, wouldn’t you get a second opinion?

I have experience helping people in every age group and from all walks of life.

I can’t wait to start helping you discover what you need in your relationship, how to get it, and the reasons why you deserve all of it.

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