Marriage Is Not For Anyone In 2012.

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Dear Diary,

Marriage can seriously take you to the poor house.

Marriage is not enticing when compared to cold hard saved cash. Sorry about the typo’s original creativity will be the excuse with this one.

Receiving financial aid depends upon your marriage as well.

You better look up how much your financial aid will be reduced (it will) or if you will even qualify, depending on how you file you application.

I never wanted the white veil or played the bride in dress up clothing with my friends. I thought hot pink was so much more enticing on a theoretically sense than white and I liked to write stories much better than playing the ones fairy tales immolate. I love Disney and no it’s wrong but that still doesn’t mean I followed the notions. I don’t want to get married because in my opinion: 1. Marriage is a big deal and should be respected. If I don’t full and whole heatedly want to get married than I am taking advantage of that right. 2. I am in a 7 year relationship and told him day


Rita and John's Marriage Certificate

Rita and John’s Marriage Certificate (Photo credit: mary hodder)

Does your partner have debt? How much? Do you know that is the truth?

Does he have any debt taken out of his income? Guess who else will soon if you get married without checking this out..YOU…nothing kills a marriage like pay deductions automatically for shit you didn’t even do.

  •  My boyfriend now looks back and say’s that he is glad today we didn’t or “haven’t yet.
  •  Hey ladies, how much of your income automatically does your husband
    automatically have ownership of in your state? What percentage? LOOK.
  • We have debt and together we would have way to much debt and he didn’t want me to take it on. Its better that one of us have good credit. Also we don’t fight about money.
  •  I don’t want the wedding. In my opinion brides look like this happiness is almost a celebrity for a day parade and not a civil union. While this isn’t pertaining to everyone, I don’t understand or find it appealing.
  • Your wedding should be one that can be afforded without supplementing the stability of your:

    Living area

    = Credit Score = Debt = Limited Living Options = More money overtime.

    Education: Expenses or more money you will have to put up due to marriage and aid lower.

    Loans: Wedding made you deep in debt both you own debt – both of you = 1 Mess.

  • The laws of marriage don’t recognize equal rights. I don’t sign anything that gives more of my freedom as a woman away. If you don’t get this Google: Women’s Pay While Married and Taxes until you find out.
  • Marriage is bad for me because my gut the same thing that makes me begin to run if being chased says it’s not good now or ever.
  •  I am married “allegedly,” (this does not formally claim or presume marriage due to its opinion based ) by the laws of my state with common law. I can legally get a divorce if we broke up. It’s not in the record books and I didn’t get to pretend I was a virgin or register at bed bath and beyond but still legally I can claim or act out those rights if I wanted or he wanted. (this is not a admittance or announcement)
  • I keep putting reminders in parenthesis because even my words on here can be proof of common law marriage unless supported by something written like I put in parenthesis. Overall, marriage is great for people who know why they want it, want it and are prepared enough to do the easy things in the beginning to protect their future. People makes mistakes but again, trading shelter and financial security which all hurt marriages for a party is not an easy learning mistake.

Lastly, not considering or creating a plan to avoid these above issues as best as you can
if you decide to get married anyway, makes your divorce rate 77% versus the current 55%
If this is your second marriage 23% for no plan and 29% with a plan.

And I didn’t even get to having kids yet. I love my guy to much to not shoot for at least
surpassing the 55% rate and will get married when I am apparentlyy rich.
This is my life goal lucky me I suppose.

So since I am that driven maybe I will get married.

  1. Rich to me is avoiding all of the above. ‘
  2. What I have times three in savings,
  3. two years emergency fund,
  4. and a driver.



Money doesn’t make you happy but it makes you have the option to bitch in a nice place with a guaranteed way your miserable ass will eat, and pay for your bills.

Until Debt Do Us Part

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