Once upon a time I was dead without a dream…

Poetry: Me, myself and I


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by Kelly Sowell

    Created on: July 26, 2010   Last Updated: July 27, 2010
    Once upon a time I was dead without a dream
    Before I was a baby I was an angel happy at home in my Heaven that surrounded me Me, myself and I never existed before I came here I did not have to live in a world that didn’t want me around Before, when  I was dead before I was a baby I was fearful of the tricky clouds I always saw below me Their fluffy white exterior did not match their message of what was below them A place closer to hell, and nothing like my Heaven
    The blue sky a thousand miles below my floating feet
    Was clear but not warm with love and safety
    It read defeat and beamed with meek uncertainty
    The day it was my turn to leave my Heaven, my safe abode
    I stood in line shaking before the fall to my hurtful earth
    The tearing pain I felt entering this world, to me was not beauty
    It was  a reminder of my Heaven no longer constrantly surrounding me
    I didn’t cry as a new infant because I was scared, and couldn’t recognize my surroundings
    I cried pleading with God to let me go home.
    My goals were given backwards, Heaven then Earth
    And of course the future unknown
    I was branded and changed forever
    As still as a rock, and as hard as a stone

    I cried as a baby and screamed with my new disadvantages
    I was like a dying baby bird getting sucked out of its branches

    I didn’t cry because this was new or no one loved me
    I cried because now my true world and home was far  above me

    Years later I am still crying
    I still want to go home; I want to feel free

    I don’t want to lose myself from the Heaven I once knew

    I am damaged beyond belief A Heaven I am still yet to know I wish there was some way to see it yet again The comfort of being yourself without the skin   I wish I didn’t feel pain against my aching heart Or my bleeding on my skin I wish I didn’t feel love and the pain that comes along with it I wish I wasn’t bitter I wish I could see A way to get to Heaven without doing the one thing That would bring me farther from it
    When I was dead, before I was a baby
    I lived in Heaven I had no name
    I had no hurt, love, or pain
    I had no worries
    I had no life
    I was happy in Heaven.
    Now all I do is fight.

    Learn more about this author, Kelly Sowell.


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