Missing Pictures! Oh My!

So if you haven’t noticed. 99% of my pictures are missing. It’s quite empty on Kelly-Speechless except these new black boxes with exclamation marks as to say, “This blogger is doing something wrong!” EXCLAMATION POINT!

Well, I sourced a lot of these pictures or had permission but I have to admit at least this gives me a fresh start or no chance of someone claiming I didn’t source their picture when their name tag, enclosure, terms and everything minus their DNA as a form of signature. Oh well. Fuck It. I will leave the exclamation points until I decide what to do or not do. 
But…what does this mean? 
The fact that all my pic’s are missing (minus a few) might be this new induction into a portal of blog notoriety I haven’t yet stumbled upon yet. What I am trying to say is this, “Is my blog cooler now because someone “might have,” or “allegedly,” removed the content because it shouldn’t be their in “who ever,” they are’s opinion? 
Or are my pictures still all there and my browser or computer decided  to play it’s favorite game: “I won’t give you everything all together at once, and I will always give you one or two things a day that you don’t even have a clue of how to fix,” game? 
Probably neither. Oh well. Exclamation point.

Could you find what you were looking for? 

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