This Need’s To Be Included In a Business Success Book Geared Towards Women.

LinkedIn Comment I left when prompted about about what women need to have in a book about women and business.


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 A Need To Know Basis: Outfit Optional.


These topics below might not relate to your objective but from a personal standpoint I find these areas so overlooked and important. Thanks. You might see a typo or two because I had to do this in a hurry but wanted to make sure I posted it.


Personal finance, the stock market, and politics mixed with current events are in need of a quickie or full education.


If any women feels not knowledgeable enough to answer a trivia question (example: shows in which a microphone appears in a women s face and when she asked who the president is or any other question that should be obvious-she doesn’t have the answer or knows only what the answer rhymes with).


I will explain: Even though you might consider your financial status one not in need of a full financial plan or an understanding of all things, “personal finance,” you are making a big mistake by overlooking this topic. There are so many women out there who don’t know about money-and these women are a lot of the time – smart women, educated women, women who study business-anyone can make this mistake.


I was the poster child for thinking I didn’t need to know these things because they didn’t effect me or effect me yet. I also felt that since I was educated and well versed on many other things I kind of did my share of being, “well informed,” in some way that made me sleep well not knowing what was going on in the world or in the banks I put my money into. At 23 I nipped this in the bud and now at 27, it’s scary to think I was living without so many options, and making so many mistakes just by not thinking I needed to know about these topics.


The stock market-Even if you are never going to invest a dime in your life, or hate the stock market-you need to have an understanding of the market, and have a good understanding of your options if you were to invest. I was guilty at 22 when I realized that I always ignored the CNN channel if stocks were discussed (a lot CNN). I asked myself why, and I felt that the subject just bored me. WRONG. I thought again. I didn’t want to watch or stay updated on the stock market because I didn’t feel as a woman I needed to know that area. The Iphany led me to reading a lot of books, making an elective course swap, and the results were staggering. Just ignoring the stock market had let me out of the loop on so many things not, “stock quote,” related.


Politics and Current Events: As we might have discovered about this upcoming election there might be some voters who are enticed to flip a coin for their vote. Knowing what is going on with politics and our world is vital even if you never pick status of political standing. It’s not about knowing to participate (even though of course  we should) it’s about understanding the world around us and having more confidence.


Overall, it’s ok to want to look good, watch junk on TV, or exude any other activity that doesn’t say, “smart and savvy.” AS LONG AS YOUR WALKING AROUND WITH A KNOWLEDGE OF CATEGORIES LIKE I MENTIONED ABOVE. You don’t have to execute a decision based on your knowledge of: finance, the stock market, current events, or politics=but it’s so important to know about these things.


Lastly, I am still learning and don’t have a stock investment success story, a new supporter of BLANK party story, or a story about how if I didn’t know about current events that day I would have died story. I am a work in progress, who happens to feel so much more confidence, and benefit everyday from having a good understanding of the issues above.


Again, was in a hurry sorry for any typos if there are any.


(this information above was written for the purpose of the person who posed the question to use or interpret my written material. Rights Reserved won’t reflect her use or any other members of LinkedIn and the group where this was posted with the same copyright. IN OTHER WORD’S-The text above is not under my copyrighted indication and free to use for LinkedIn members).






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