NEW’S FLASH SOME SITE CALLED, "Kelly’s Relationship Help." (coincidence?) Go to the site and comment here. Tell me what you think. It’s crap and I don’t want anyone to think it’s me.

Please visit this site that never answers 1 question about relationships so you can come back here and tell me what you thought. Also, think of one question they gave one answer to. I hate when people waste their time or are deceived. My opinion is just that but at least I am not giving anyone complete loads of misinformation. Go to it see what I mean then comment. This better not be some Kelly M. attempt to make me angry. I know I am not that cool, but if there gonna play that game they forgot to read my blog to realize that I will inquire about this: more than a few times lol.

Wow! this site doesn’t answer one question it poses. It’s literally a bunch of words that are together in the same category but don’t answer anything. Kelly Speechless answers questions you can go there. Right or wrong it’s an opinion to agree or disagree with. That video is slow and doesn’t tell you anything. This is just rude because it wastes people’s time. You can go to my blog later where I will writing about yours. Sorry it is just a bunch of crap. Honesty always. Have a good day.


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