Rush Babes Make Hooters Girl’s Merchandise Go Up: Anything is better than a Rush Babe and Hooter’s reminds us what a babe really is.

I know some of your find the hooters corporation demeaning towards women and part of why our society conveys women as only serving the need of sexual desire. With that being said…..

The “Rush Babes,” are worse than the hooters girls. As a feminist and former hooters girl (yes there is such a thing starting now), I feel that this shirt I am selling on eBay is not only hot, but a perfect addition to a Halloween costume, or just hanging out with your guy. 

This specific shirt is rare-not in the way Elvis’s underwear is rare in the way that there really and truly are not that many of them around to purchase. 

I remember 8 years ago when I wore the orange, that we were encouraged to offer customers, “merch,” or merchandise suggestions to purchase. I also remember that everyone had no problem pushing for those sales because HOOTER’S carries some nice quality merchandise items. I don’t mean just the calendars, (that is another story), I mean from their pens to coffee mugs, to sweatpants-all of their merchandise is made with quality materials and worth what you pay for. 

In terms of relationships if anyone has a problem with me posting about hooters while writing a relationship blog read this: 

Just because I worked at hooters 8 years ago doesn’t mean I (personal choice and opinion) have an early agreement with a partner about the avoidance of sexy service options. Meaning: As long as I hold up my end of the bargain at home, there is no need for male sexy time. 

THERE is nothing wrong with your husband, or boyfriend going to Hooter’s though! UNLESS YOU have an issue with it. If you could care less then it’s simply not a problem. If you do care this purchase is even more important and applicable because you can wear it for your man, or as a reminder by symbolic association. Is it crazy that I have a personal love of HOOTERS as a brand, worked for them as  HOOTERS girl eight years ago, write a blog about relationships while posting this, selling a HOOTER’S shirt on eBay that I happen to think is a great buy? HELL YES. And if your a reader of my blog, I am sure this kind of thing doesn’t surprise you anymore. 

I never bought enough merchandise than I should I have. When I came upon this brand new tee I had to pick it up. It has never been worn. 

Oh I almost forgot! HOOTERS if your reading this, thanks for my college degree! I appreciate it! 

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