BEBE: A Backstage Pass For Instant Social Acceptance.

Before I Could Drive To The Mall….

The mall had a lot of interesting choices for the 13 to 15-year-old in my case: A group of five wanna be Cher Horwitz girls who took wardrobe hints from Jenny Mcarthy on, MTV’s show Singled Out. Lucky for our parents my friends and I were just busted enough at the time to be in the safe area when it came to public perception. 

Below Is My Cedar Storage Closet For All The Clothing Items I Sell On Ebay. This shirt is going in 8 hours so hurry and bid! 

 Current Time: July 7, 2012 6:24 p.m. 

Anyway, shopping was of course the center of these mall trips (or were supposed to be) so we usually narrowed our seven favorite stores down to a science and only went to those stores. 
BEBE was one of the seven stores we went to during our social mall trips. We also went back about an average of 3 1/2 times before finally accepting that we could not buy what we wanted. 

Back then, our parents (even the loaded ones) couldn’t understand paying $44 for a T-shirt with four letters on it. It took some convincing back in the day to get a BEBE shirt. It made more sense to get a $70 white shirt from Banana Republic than a tight hot pink tee that says, BEBE on the chest.  After a while all of my five mall shopping counterparts owned about the same amount (a couple) of BEBE logo t-shirts. 
How BEBE keeps us addicted.
BEBE isn’t just the brand for the chick who can spend more money, or for the chick that can’t afford Prada. Wearing BEBE also contains some social acceptance button that starts you off as a, “acceptable,” before foregoing usual public judgement. 

BEBE also makes very precise decisions and product placement, and number of items to release and resurface into some art form nobody else feels is possible to copy. 


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