Why do straight women kiss females in bar’s?

Why do straight women kiss other females in public?

Tonque’s-BFF’s-Beer and Cheer. 

In today’s society, some young girls, and young women; feel they constantly need male attention and praise. Some straight women have been known kiss other females in front of people for attention. Sadly, girls who do this are being  praised in the same way people cheer for the dancing elephant at the circus. A girl might interpret those jeers and hollers as a good thing, or even worse; that this means she is, “hot,” or “special.” Even if these women have a boyfriend, they want extra attention which might stem from a personal insecurity issue. Or, some women might just assume since there is a strong clique about men loving the view of two women kissing is understood by society, they feel that gives them the right to do so.

The short answer to why straight women kiss other females in public is that they want other guys to think they are sexy, hot, and wanted. Other women do it with lot’s of liquid courage and kiss their female friends to get attention.

Kissing a Girl In Public Could Put Your Boyfriend In Danger.

Just because guys are known to have fantasies about two women together, doesn’t mean they want to experience seeing you kissing a girl in front of a crowd. Not only is this behavior not healthy in a relationship, it causes other possible problems for your boyfriend. Publicly displaying this type of behavior only asks for trouble. People observing two girls kissing might assume it is ok to approach them in an inappropriate manner. If you get into a position where your boyfriend has to defend or protect you, something bad could happen. Guys don’t usually enjoy being their girlfriend’s bodyguard just so she can feel free to act like an idiot.

Breakdown: If your skanky ass wants to continually lick your friend like a starving maniac in public than you should start charging in order to hire security for those watching who are taking your circus into consideration. Your boyfriend/husband is left to save your ass and might get his teeth knocked out standing up against any drunk, horny asshole who gets out of line.

This behavior offends people you wouldn’t expect.

As a woman, I get why gay bars are starting to ban bachelorette parties. Of course, I am not suggesting that all bachelorette par-tiers partake in kissing one another-I am just giving a clear example of another annoying way that some women parody the gay community in a remote careless way. Some young women today feel the need to gain attention by kissing other females in a public bar type setting. They believe participating is type of behavior will allow them to be viewed as attractive and adventurous. Not only does this damage the internal value of women, it disrespects the gay community as a whole. Many gay people have struggled with showing affection in public towards their partner for fear of facing ridicule or judgment. Also, this behavior almost suggests parody among that gay community which is disconcerning. When young women, who are straight; put on a show by making out with each other in public they offend themselves, the gay
Girls kissing girls 3 the onecommunity, and their significant other. People who are truly straight, gay, or even bi-sexual don’t feel the need to put on a show for others. After these young women who are straight leave the bar, they don’t keep kissing when they get home.

This is not considered having a experience with  a member of the same sex stemming from curiosity. Most people don’t discover or try out their fantasies at a place called, “Harry’s Boat,” at last call. If you kissed a girl and you liked it that is great, but usually experiences are kept in the bedroom and not jeered like horse race bets.

Bottom Line: You only get 2 chances to do this without looking like a complete loser and that only applies if your not 21. I know how that sounds but I did this at 16 in a party bus drunk on Jack Daniels and learned my lesson. If my 21+ year old ass started pulling that shit I would turn myself into a treatment center for slutty moron’s.

Unless you are expressing yourself through your true individual sexual orientation don’t engage in this. I’ts ok to sing about it like Katy Perry, or discuss it but don’t do it on display like riding the bull.

  • You look like a moron.
  • You are trying to get attention from men who you don’t care that much about.
  • They know think your hot and want to sleep with you; that’s it. 
  • Your boyfriend could get his ass kicked. 

One or more of these guys, and people watching will call you a slut or a whore. Half of those people will think it. And in world where being female sometimes gives others enough validation to view all women as slut’s or whore’s; making out with chicks if your straight, for a crowd without getting paid is just pathetic.Read more for free on your kindle device: Kindle Version For All Content Click Here.


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