Shouldn’t Women choose their dates?

Why Shouldn’t Women Choose Their Dates?

Dating has come a long way from the views of traditionalism. With so many options to choose in terms of local dating, why do some women still wait for the man to pick them? Women constantly complain about bad dates, being set up with the wrong person, or not being asked out enough. Maybe, it’s time for women to start choosing their dates based on their own personal wants and needs. No one is going to know the kind of guy you really want to date except you. Still worried? Get a background check on this guy! It’s not because of the online as a less safe dating platform! It’s because we can’t trust someone we have known for years anymore than Ted the investment banker (maybe) who likes to go hiking or whatever.

Women Who Choose Their Dates have the Upper Hand.

Women are definitely more inclined to find someone they are compatible with if they choose who they want to go on a date with. When a guy asks a woman out, she feels the pressure to impress him. The guy could end up being a real jerk, but since the woman was asked out she feels the need to put on a performance or interview during the date. If women would ask out men more frequently they would have more control. Not only do men find it a huge turn on when they get asked out, they men feel more of a need to impress the woman on their date. The guy would feel he needs to be on his game. Men would are asked out by women they find interesting,  want to impress them more because they know if they don’t; she will just ask out someone else. If he indicates or hints that he finds it odd you chose to make the first move-then he just saved you date number two with a pussy-which is not a good look in this hypothetical situation.If you start feeling uncomfortable or scared put your hand on your   pepper spray, ask whoever you see who looks bigger or stronger to you to escort you to your car and head out. This is your life. If Bill is scaring you, we don’t need to worry about hurting Bill’s feelings.Overall, if you’re the one choosing the man you want to go out with you have nothing to lose. With so many options and ways to meet local singles, being in control of who you date and picking the person who you want to spend time with is always the way to go.Pick Your Poison and If things get to weird get the fuck outta there!


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