5-Star’s Bitch!

Rating your own post’s or work usually means’s you are a loser. 

In my case I am sick of seeing empty stars next to my posts. Even one half star would look better than none. I am not having a pitty party, it’s just the image of the outline of stars with no gold. Remember in grade school your teacher would pass out those ugly green and red stars for the kids that he/she forget or “leftover.” Well no one forgot my loud ass. I would plead with pathetic untouched mental capability straining in my kiddie desk. 

“Please Mrs. Baylor,” I would whine like she was carrying the last cigarette on a bad night. Teachers are cruel. They would sometimes stand there taking their time deciding which little fucker was going to get these stick on stars. Since there would be no explanation afterwards as to why each person was chosen (even though everyone eventually got a fucking star of some kind). Then you would secretly wonder why so so and so is better than you because she got a star first. 

I think I am going to 5-star some of my post’s today. What the fuck? Live a little right? If your reading this, jump on the band wagon or even take it a little farther and write a review about how your story, post, product ext. is the shit.

So if you see my post’s all suddenly have a five star rating you know the culprit. 

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