New York Times Makes Fun of Feminism.

• Our society puts a negative stigma on what it truly means to be a feminist. The media created this fear among many women to not claim what is in actuality; a definition that states gender equality. Every woman who believes, that she deserves the same rights as a man she technically has a view based on the sole principle of feminism. 
Today, what it means to be a feminist (due to our society) might conquer less informed women that if they practice feminism they can’t express themselves which deplores the whole positive outlook of feminism. Long story short: I have blonde hair, love to wear heels way to high, and still consider myself a feminist. I can indulge in coined, “activities,” that might seem against the code if the reasoning behind it doesn’t involve social conformity. I am a feminist who watches Bravo and CNN. The media wants people to read that article to future instill lack of knowledge and fear among women so they will not claim to withhold feminism principles. Also, did the New York Times forget about myself and fellow rally attendees at Planned Parenthood this month? There is your inspiration!


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