Boyfriend Acting Different?

Holiday 2011 728x90
Dear Aliens,

HELLO DOLLY artist located deviant art website. Creation of artist on deviant art website.

Sometimes the people we love can act so different we hardly can believe it. Here is a fictional letter from a woman to the aliens she believed abducted her boyfriend and replaced him with someone else.

Dear Aliens, 

Can I please have my boyfriend back? I have recently come to the conclusion that the only excuse for my boyfriend’s recent change of personality and the way he acts towards me is due to an alien abduction.
He looks identical to my boyfriend, and talks just like my boyfriend. Every other part of him though is nothing like the man I thought I knew. So I am guessing you guys took my real boyfriend and replaced him with an alien as a punishment. I wish you could have at least replaced my boyfriend with an alien that was a little nicer, because this guy is a real hot mess.

As for the man you took, I know I didn’t deserve him, or show him enough appreciation for what he did, and who he was to me. But could you please give him back, and take someone else?  He looks the same and his voice sounds the same; but besides that there is nothing left.  He went completely missing three months ago, and has been gone ever since. 

I have been with my boyfriend for five years, and for the first time the light behind his eyes is replaced with dead hatred. I am now a roommate to him that he despises. The man who kissed me and told me loved me everyday has been replaced with an a vicious alien. He is know a stranger to me. I don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me. He is not in love with me, and forgot he ever did.

I know that aliens don’t bleed, so you can’t understand the predicament I am in.
The boyfriend I knew used  to tell me he would never hurt me. The person I now live with has done nothing but hurt me.  He has called me names; and told me I was nothing more than a disgrace. Whenever my old boyfriend  and I would have a normal fight, he would say he was sorry and felt horrible. I would know everything was alright.

The alien I live with now isn’t sorry, and doesn’t care. The only emotion he exudes is anger. He tells me I am worthless, stupid and it breaks my bleeding heart. My real boyfriend would never say those things. My old boyfriend is gone and has been replaced by a stranger.

The alien you gave me in place of my boyfriend doesn’t like the following:


If you don’t give him back at-least dont take him for granted like I did.


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