Nioxin Hair Question: What Works Series, Hair care.

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 Why do you say use only 4? Im contemplating about using 7…which is the category my hair falls in. And can i skip the scalp treatment?

I Quickly want to point out that this post in an answer responding to a comment/question on Nioxin-What Works Series Post 1: Shampoo & Conditioner.
Thanks so much for commenting. System Four works the best for all types of hair. No matter what your specific hair type you have or your issues associated to your hair are; four will work better for you. No, you can’t leave out the scalp therapy because that is conditioner and its the best part. If your talking about on the back of the bottle where it says, “follow cleanser and scalp therapy with the scalp therapy treatment,” you can skip that for awhile if you want. It works wonders as well, but I want you to stick to the bare essentials no matter what. Once you see the effects and how great they are you will want to do the scalp treatment as well. For now the cleanser and scalp therapy are enough. If your worried about price buy the big liters once you start to notice the huge difference because they last forever.Hope to hear how much you love your hair in a few weeks! Remember when it comes to system four its simply the best.

Low price for NIOXIN system 4 here: Trashy Chic Boutique.

I don’t care what the bottle for system says. If it said, “only for natural neon green tones,” I would still be using it. I would use any system but I want to use the best out of the best hair care line. Either, way you can’t go wrong. 


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