What Works Post 3: Feel Sexy.

Now let’s say you’ve got your new Butt Bible Body and your hair looks great thanks to Nioxin. You take off your clothes and stand in the mirror and are happy with the results, but not your facial expression. Overall, bad ass body sometimes doesn’t = bad ass sexy attitude. If you hate trying to make an appropriate primal, seductive face in front of your man even more than being naked with all the lights on this post is for you. Also, if you want to feel sexy, or vamp up your already inner sexiness check out what works below.

1.) Dance.

I know that word just scared you, especially if your not a dances or have no rythm. Good news! This is for beginners more than dance veterans. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to do something weird in public. Get about 3 dance DVD’s to do in your room in private. Here are a few concerns you will probably have that are actually positive and needed attributes heading towards this.

NUMBER ONE: Yes, at first and maybe the whole time your going to feel like a complete idiot. You are going to laugh, feel weird, and at first; less sexy than before. That is only normal. You have to get used to it, which usually takes no more than two weeks and then you will get to this point: OH NOW I GET IT!

NUMBER TWO: Who gives a shit about number 1 if your in your room alone? Honestly, unless you are doing these dances in the front yard who is going to see you? No one. So suck it up. Remember the title of my post series, WHAT WORKS.

NUMBER THREE: It’s some cardio which is a workout, but dancing and feeling sexy also gives us a much needed adult endorphin boost. Remember that crazy good feeling we had as a kid holding our hair brush and pretending to be a famous singer in our bedrooms? Now we can have that feeling again, while ditching the hair brush and shaking our new BUTT BIBLE asses too!

NUMBER FOUR: What in hell are you talking about?

answer: Ok. You need to find three dance workout dvds in the areas of striptease, hip hop, and just simply “dance cardio,” “dance abs,” etc.

The only DVD you must have is the Carmen Electra fit to strip series. It’s a must. I can’t explain anyway except by saying, “OH NOW I GET IT!” will come out of your mouth after awhile.

A suggestion of who else to start with is trainer Jennifer Galardi. She has some great hip hop and dance videos. Here is one of my favorites. By the way, don’t worry how you look or how much you suck at first! I  wouldn’t be able to put a price on the safe return of a secret spy taping of myself while learning to do this shit! When you get it you will say, “OH NOW I GET IT!” 


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