Nioxin System Four: Thank You God!



Nioxin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Something To Really Be Thankful For!
What works: One stop Shampoo and Conditioner.I have wanted to do this for a long time. I have been a consumer of beauty products since I was 13. Like most women I want to find the perfect product, or at least one the gets the job done in every area of my body. Is this an impossible task? Honestly, no it isn’t. It is your lucky day. I am going to tell you which products work, which ones don’t, and how you will get the most out of those products.

First of all I want to clear up something: All beauty products, including low-cost and high-end products deliver the results you want at about a 50/50 range. For instance, A brand that is expensive and well-known might have great eye shadow, lip stick, and brushes but when it comes to their perfume or mascara you would much rather choose going to the grocery store.
It is all about what works not price. In the end, if you have a full collection of beauty products that work and are worth using and repurchasing for years half of them will be expensive and the other half will be cheap. You will get where I am coming from and what I am trying to convey as these posts go on.
The first area I am going to give you the best, well worth it, must have, beauty products are for hair. By the way, if you wonder what makes me such an expert; give one product a try to tell me I am wrong. It won’t happen. Unless, of course you don’t follow directions.
This one is easy. If you want to clear up and dissolve every hair problem from color fading, frizz, lack of volume, thin, thick, split ends, tangles, waviness, to straight, to curly…you name have to shampoo and condition your hair with…NIOXIN. Period. No if and or buts about it. To see results you have to stick with it for three months straight and then your hair problems are over. It’s that simple. As long as your diligent with the shampoo and conditioner which they call, “cleanser and scalp therapy,” your golden. If you want to style your hair with products outside of the Nioxin line that is perfectly fine. If you cheat on Nioxin with another shampoo or conditioner though, the process of fixing your hair starts all over again.NIOXIN-
Which one do I use? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7?? Ok: First read the description and select which is best for you. Then, after you see the effects go up a number if you wish.The Real Deal: Just use 4. I don’t care what color your hair is, how thick it is, if you don’t color it, or color is rainbow. Four is the best and works the best. I understand why Nioxin has different numbers and some people benefit from staying at those levels.Just use level 4. Just do it. You will thank me. Just use 4. To give your hair even more results get the level four scalp treatment.  Stick with it-you know how a salon quality shampoo and conditioner set might make your hair looks great for a few washes at first but then stop having the effect? Since this one never stops reaping benefits 365 days a year; it takes up to a week to full get used to your hair.
Don’t CHEAT On Nioxin- Nioxin doesn’t react to your hair nicely when you use something else for a while. It will breakup with you and remind you how bad your hair was before you used Nioxin. If you want to know what I am talking about use Nioxin for three months and then switch to something else. YIKES! Of course using something else once is no big deal but about 3 times is pushing it. Again this only applies to shampoo and conditioner.
Nioxin Styling and Conditioning Products are the Best choice but other brand STYLING PRODUCTS are OK  Just as long as your shampoo says cleanser, and your conditioner says scalp therapy; using a different brand of hair spray, gel, serum or leave in is OK  Of course your hair will look better and have more effects from using the Nioxin brand of styling products; but it won;t ruin your progress or make your hair have any negative set back.

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