Relationship Myth: "I’m Scared."

Relationship Monster Under the Bed.

When someone uses the exuse that they are too scared to commit or get into a relationship most likely they are lying. Sorry. It’s harsh but very true. First of all, for a person to tell you that usually means he/she has already gotten close to you. If they are so scared of commitment, relationships, etc. then why walk on the tight rope of it by acting as if things are going towards some kind of monogamous set up?

Have you ever been crazy about someone but put that aside and denied them out of fear?

No. You haven’t. This will never be something that happens to you because it doesn’t exist or happen to anyone. People are scared of the dark, spiders, snakes, and getting lost alone. Not from being in a relationship that they seemed to want until now.

Let’s say hypathetically, someone said they couldnt be with you because they were scared. Let’s say that this person is telling you the truth and is really is scared…….

…..THEN LEAVE US ALL ALONE! Whenever your fear subsides through therapy, divine intervention, or the denial lifts; then try to date us! Don’t use individuals as guinea pigs to see if your fear is still there or not. And don’t pretend were friends and still call us. We don’t care that you said you were scared, now we like you! DAMMIT!

  • People who fear the dark sleep with the light on.
  • No one who fears spiders adopts one as a pet..
  • If your a person who fears snakes you don’t have a tank full of them in your bedroom.
  • If your lost and scared you won’t find your way, your probably dating someone who claims to be scared of being in a relationship. 


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