Working for Love in your Relationship?

Don’t Work For Love: Know What You Really Want First.

Women often find themselves having to work harder than they need to in relationships. When you first meet someone you need to truly get to know them before falling in love. Knowing what each person in the relationship feels is appropriate behavior will save a lot of unnecessary damage control later. Before you find yourself working for love, always know what and who you’re working with.

What relationship guidelines do you follow?

Before you accept someone for who they are, you need to make sure they accept you for who you truly are. Often couples find out later that their partner makes decisions they never saw coming. Women need to understand what they are accepting of, and what is not ok with them. For instance, what do you consider cheating? Some women don’t consider a night out with the boys at the local strip club cheating. There is nothing wrong with not having a problem if your man goes to strip clubs. There is only something wrong if you don’t find that acceptable behavior and he never knew you had a problem with it. What people consider cheating is one of many avenues woman should explore about themselves and what fits their own personal set of guidelines. Making a list of things you won’t tolerate in a relationship may seem controlling, but it’s far from it. Men and women all have their own personal set of wants and needs. Before jumping into a relationship, each person should explain what they need in the relationship in order to be happy.

Working For Love Doesn’t Pay Off.

After you’re in the relationship it’s too late to structure, mold or change the person you’re with. Your partner feels you have already accepted him the way he is, and doesn’t feel the need to change anything. Working for love while you’re already in a relationship is working towards a dead end. Before you know your partners fondest child hood memories, favorite foods, funny habits, and favorite bands you should know about how they want to live their life.


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