The Home-wrecker Myth.

The other woman Cheating: Why Blame the Other Woman?
Being cheated on can be very painful. The person who the victim from the cheating usually has a high amount of anger and anxiety. When the person releases that anger they might want to make sure they are projecting in the right direction. Blaming the other woman for your partners infidelity is just as ridiculous as blaming the mail man. While the other woman might be a vicious third party to the situation, she is definitely not the reason why your partner stepped outside of the relationship. Blaming the other woman only gives her more power over you. When examining the demise of your relationship caused by infidelity, the other woman simply isn’t important enough to include.

Why the other woman owes you nothing.
Your boyfriend or husband that cheated on you was the person who made promises to you. He told you he loved you, and wanted to protect you. He told you that he could be trusted. Ultimately, he is the person who deceived you. The other woman didn’t break your heart. The other woman did not swear she would stay away from your partner. Most of all, you are not in love with the other woman. Your in love with the man who chose to risk losing you.

Home-wreckers Don’t Exist
Everyone has heard phrases similar to, “she stole my man,” or “she is a home-wrecker.” Not only are those phrases ridiculous but they breathe denial from every angle. When you love someone and care for them deeply, there is no way someone else could hypnotize you into damaging your solid bond. Some woman who have been cheated on act as though the other woman cast a spell on their partner . If a man wants to cheat, he will cheat. The woman that he happened to cheat with is all situational. She wasn’t the person who opened up the possibility of cheating to your partner; she just happened to be there. If the coined term, “home-wrecker,” sticks around in society it should have a new meaning applied to it. The person who wrecked your home, sense of security, emotional well being and happiness was the person who decided to cheat.

What if the Other Woman Knew About He was Committed?
Some women feel justified in blaming the other woman if they find out she was fully aware that he was taken. If the other woman knows she is getting involved with someone who is married or committed that makes her slime. Even so, that still has nothing to do with you or the fact that your partner cheated. What’s worse is that your partner was not only involved with another woman, but the type of person who would engage in this behavior while fully aware of his commitment to you. Some people would argue that the only way to stop men from cheating, is for women to turn them down. Obviously, that idea could never be fully executed because some women have no idea the man they are with is involved with someone else. Overall, the fact that the other woman has full knowledge of your partners relationship with you still has nothing to do the situation at hand. Women as a whole should stop trying to find ways to keep their man from cheating, and focus on permanently removing behavior that demeans females. Blaming the other woman is foolish, and derails achieving gender equality.


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