Safe Sex in Houston: No More Excuses – Houston Thirtysomething Relationships

There are No Unplanned Pregnancies.

Today, there are countless ways to prevent pregnancy in the United States. Women who are sexually active and not ready, or not planning to have a child have no excuse not to use some form of contraception. Women in today’s society need to respect how hard people fought to give women the option to prevent pregnancy. At the end of the day, an unplanned pregnancy has nothing to do with the pregnant woman. Children do not ask to be born, and they are usually the ones who suffer.
Birth Control is Available and Affordable to Everyone.
Not only is the birth control pill readily available and cheap, it’s available to everyone. Health Insurance is not needed to have a birth control prescription. In Houston Texas, there are at least three different Planned Parenthood locations alone.  A one-month supply for the birth control pill at Planned Parenthood will run you from nineteen to forty dollars which is less than going to a fast food restaurant five times a month. If you can’t afford that price, the people at Planned Parenthood will work with you, and exhaust all the options they can in order to supply you with contraceptive methods.

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.
Some women find ways to explain why they don’t use contraception, but not one of those explanations is justifiable. Unless, a woman is completely allergic to all types and forms of birth control, she has no explanation to justify an unplanned and unprepared pregnancy. Some women have reported that the birth control pill makes them have side effects or gain weight, without considering the weight gain and side effects that come along with pregnancy. It is true that some types of birth control pills have negative side effects, but that is exactly why there are so many types and brands. If one type of birth control pill gives you extremely harsh side effects, you can simply try another one until you find the one that fits you.

It’s not About You.
Overall, women who are not prepared to have a baby should use contraption for the benefit of an innocent child. Protecting a child that is not ready to come into this world should be the primary focus in using birth control. People living in the Houston area should be proud that there are so many options for women to control pregnancy.


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