My Review Of Olay Cleanser and Pore Scrub-R.I.P 2010

Please bring back this stuff! It’s amazing!
Olay Cleanser and Pore Scrub-R.I.P? 

Olay carries some pretty great products but this face wash has to be the best product of Olay I have ever used. I am always looking for what works and while Olay’s other skin care products are consistently good-this face wash is a little bottle of heaven. I have been trying to find a great face wash for years, and before trying, “Olay dual action cleanser and pore scrub,” I would usually just purchase what was on sale, or switch between trying different face washes. I have tried expensive brands, and many brands that are displayed on grocery store shelves. I enjoy Olay brand products, but this specific type of face wash is the best one.

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Not only does it deeply clean your face, it ex-foliates your skin. Some ex-foliating face washes are too harsh on your skin; others leave a lot of excess ex-foliating beads on your face after you thoroughly rinse. The amount of ex-foliating properties within this cleanser is just enough to get the job done. Even if your skin is irritated, the face wash won’t irritate it further.
The face wash also deeply cleans your pores to the point you physically see a difference in your skin. Have you ever used a really good face mask, and noticed your face looked different afterwards in a good way? This is simply a face wash, but it brings forth the same effects as the end result of using a good face mask.
Even though this product deep cleans, your skin still feels moisturized, clean,  soft, and hydrated after using it. Some pore cleanser harshly dig out your dirty pores leaving your skin dry and thirsty. This product digs out the dirt and leaves your skin feeling it fresh and supple.
This product is also affordable and economical. It runs between $6-$8 dollars, and it’s clear tube allows you to see when you are about to run out. Sometimes people tend to think there is enough face wash left to squeeze some of the rest out. This product shows you when you need to replace it and buy some more.
This product stands by it’s claims, and is truly the hidden treasure of face washes. Anyone who doesn’t give this product a try would really be missing out.
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