Has your boyfriend been abducted by Aliens?

Sometimes our partner starts to act so different from the person we first met, that it doesn’t even seem real. We miss that person even when there around. There is no real explanation of why this happens. When we ask the person why they suddenly act as though they made a DNA switch overnight, they usually say we are the ones who are crazy.
So going with the crazy theme, do you feel like your boyfriend was abducted by aliens? Like the guy your in love with isn’t really your man but just a replacement? I know what your thinking: Why out of all the people in the world would Aliens choose to take my boyfriend?
Anyway, here is an example of the kind of letter you guys out there should think about writing. Who knows? It might work. Nothing else is right?


I am writing to request the consideration of releasing my boyfriend back to Earth. I know he must be an important commodity to your planet or you would have not picked him out of billions of other humans to live in your planet. I can assure you I don’t mean to offend you by stating that I am one hundred percent positive he needs to be here more.
Also, to be frank; the fake version of him and you left in place of him is dreadful. He looks the same and has the same voice and even the same walk. But…those eyes. Those same colored eyes looked so different to me before. When you came to capture him you must have seen how his eyes glowed. Now there cold and still, and filled with air.
If you can’t take him back home will you at least give him my message below?  

Hey you,
What’s it like up there? You always said it would be cool to be an astronaut, so this must be great huh? Just kidding. Anyway I just wanted to tell you something to remember no matter what happens. I miss you. Not only that, I feel like I took for granted each time you held me, kissed me, and told me you loved me.
I should have held onto those moments and made them longer. I guess though, no matter what I did you would end up where you are at some point.
The guy they have in place of you is mean. He doesn’t answer the phone, he calls me names, and every action he executes shows me that his words of love aren’t true. He has no life behind his eyes. He is a stranger. When I look at him all it does is remind me of you and how much I miss how our life was together.
I am leaving your understudy, and ending the relationship. It’s just simply to painful to live with a constant reminder of what we were and how much you cared. If you come back I will always be here, but for now I have got to go. Good Luck.
-K. Speechless.

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