Facebook: A Relationship Problem Waiting To Happen?


Does everyone remember when you first started dating? Remember in junior high or high school, when you would hear your mom yell at the bottom of the stairs that a boy was on the phone? You would get all excited and talk to the guy on the kitchen wall phone and twirl the phone cord around your finger, while having this goofy grin on your face.Today, everyone is bombarded with constant gossip, chatter, and comments though social networking sites like face book and MySpace. While those sites are very helpful and beneficial especially for work, school and networking, they are sometimes used for the wrong purpose. At the end of the day though, were face book and MySpace meant to be the portal of relationship and dating interaction?

Jealousy from Facebook and MySpace.

People naturally become jealous and have jealous behaviors at times. Social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook give people the option to showcase a plethora of internet girlfriends or boyfriends that reads like an Italian menu at a local pizzeria.Not only do women feel like they are competing with their other female peers, but know they might consider Facebook and MySpace friends on their boyfriends page as a reason to feel alarm. Of course, some of these people featured on your guy’s page might be just friends of his, but still it just doesn’t feel right.

Does Facebook or Myspace cause couples to fight, or worse divorce?

Of course, the creation of Face book or MySpace is not to be seen as the culprit of relationship tension. Still, it would be interesting to know how many couples in Houston, Texas had a fight because of sites like Face book or MySpace in the last week. There is already so much temptation that both men and women have to face without these sites, so it wouldn’t be outlandish to consider that there have been some relationships ruined by using Facebook or Myspace. Some people can’t define a clear line of what is appropriate behavior on a social networking site; because sites like Face book and MySpace; are thought of as the norm in everyday life. How can participating in one of these sites be bad if everyone and there mom is?


One thought on “Facebook: A Relationship Problem Waiting To Happen?

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