Comments From My Advice..

Comments From People Who Read My Advice…
-Thanks your right i had i bad feeling right now..every time i saw my boss i get scared ..maybe i can’t concentrate on my work and I feel the constant need to check everything I do three times or more..i already feel of discouraging with my job right now..maybe i have to find another job..

-i can actually see myself in you. i also don’t like to talk with people who act  like that and you opened my eyes. Your right they just view me as a victim; when really I am trying to avoid them. They don’t understand me, but you do. Thank you so much.

-Thank you for the out pouring thoughts you gave towards my situation. One way or another you are right. I know the consequences of my be actions would effect my kids..Thank you, dear. I’ll give it much thought, and remember what you said always.

-Oh mo God, you are the SWEETESTTTT!! It’s like you’ve known me forever. Thank you for the very comforting words, I needed those very much, and a HUG!
Yeah, I know they’re bugging me a lot out of love. And probably I’m just too egoistic to show that I love them as well. Yeah, I know. Once they’re gone, I’ll probably regret every single bad thing that I’ve done or say to them. Starting from tomorrow, I’ll cherish them better. I PROMISE


-Kelly you made me appreciate my parents more. I love them and despite their mistakes in the past and despite the problems they are giving me now, they are the best parents and the best people  in the world. And if they are not around, I will not been born.

Thanks very much for the wonderful explanation you have in there. i have the feeling he wants to let me go. It is so painful knowing that the one i love the most is saying bye to me. i understand that there are things that are not meant to be, but i want this to be meant to be.  i just wish he will change his mind. your response really help a lot and help me understand him more. thanks again. have a nice day!

-ahah Kelly that’s a good advise!

-your reply is highly appreciated. this gave me an idea of how to really act properly when this incident happens to us, and i think i would know exactly what to tell him the next time around! thanks again!

-I thank you a lot for your recommendation of a regular check-up. That’s a good point too. I know that doctors have been avoided because of no health insurance, in this case, but there are always ways and means to do it. I will try some gentle suggestion about that. I appreciate the time you took to reply.

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