Advice about why you shouldn’t celebrate the day your ex was born..


I dated this guy who used to be my best friend. He ended up screwing me over. I can’t stand him, but isn’t is polite to wish him happy birthday? what do you guys think? we dated for over a year..I just don’t want to be the class less girl. What about a text? I don’t know..Hellllp!
My Advice:
OK look.
You are obviously a sweet, classy woman. If you were not you would not be contemplating on how to:
“Tell your ex-boyfriend/jerk/acquaintance/I might one day call when I am drunk(might not apply) Happy F-ing B-day.

First of all,

He is a big boy. Enough to be a selfish grown man from what I can feel from what you said.
Get him out of your life. You don’t have to be mean, outlandish, or trashy by simply not acknowledging him on his vast achievement of yet another year of manly triumph.

He will be fine.

He has been thinking about what he is going to have for dinner more than what you are contemplating right now.

If I were you I would go out with your friends that day and say it is your birthday. Go get some fake eyelashes and paint the town.

The only reason people look weak, desperate, impolite, ungrateful, or disrespectful is when they don’t recognize what they know they should do in the first place.

-You sound like a smart girl do what you know you should have done before you read this
The one thing that won’t get you into trouble, or be inappropriate for:

Leave the little idiot alone.
I might be wrong, but he sounds like a short one to me. Not in a gross way he might have the little man syndrome. 5’4? I might be wrong; but in any case I hope you go one with your life, and let him have his own fun. He isn’t worth being praised.

Just don’t do it.

Happy Birthday.
You deserve a party more than he does.


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