Sky Diving.

"Sophia Western", engraving after Bu...

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    Journaling Prompt – Close your eyes for a minute and imagine you are skydiving. Write about the physical sensations and the thoughts you have.

    I hear wind and I cant feel my feet .The air is slapping me like the end of a hundred jump ropes tying and untying my limbs. My skin has melted away but bones have floated into my chest suffocating the swooping clothing that feels like a necklace of thick pine needles.

    I am trying to think but can only send smoke signals. My eyes shutter and then freeze open with fiery tyranny. I pull the long string on my side that stays in the air like a like a portable walking cane.

    My haze of puncture encasing my surroundings has now formed a tunnel. My feel have awaken and are wincing like the faces of little children never picked up from school. The air around me that felt so tight know yearned for instead of this tunnel of cool weightless spritzy air beneath my feet.

    I could smell the world again, and the green. Then I felt the green and smelled the dirt hit me. There was no thud. I was placed down in a frenzy, scuttled up and down a row. Then, scuttled down a wispy magic carpet with dust deep in its fibers soaked threads. I felt my tongue in my roof, as i pulled it down hard and coughed what felt like chalk.
    Little dots of sleep probed my skin and shocked my bones clicking them back against my flesh.

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