Sex Is the Gift that Gives ALL Year!

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Sex Is The Glue In A Relationship: Not the Scotch Tape on a Wrapped Box.
Society often shows women as being less interested in sex than men. Women are taught on television and through media that their boyfriends and husbands need to work for sex. All the time women are shown initiating or rewarding their man with sex like it’s a present. Not only does this misconstrue what men think about women and their sexuality; it also allows women to be content with not exploring their own sex lives further. It is no wonder why so many women who openly express their own sexuality are sometimes misunderstood when so many people think sex is something women can easily live without.
Sex Is Not A Reward for Special Occasions.
It is so ironic how many people use birthdays, holidays and other celebrations as an excuse to have sex. If your boyfriend or husband cant wait until Christmas or Thanksgiving because he knows he will get some loving; there is a major issue in the relationship. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having sex with your partner on a special occasion. There is just something wrong and completely unhealthy, about using those certain days as a check off point on a to-do list. Sex is something that expresses how much you care about someone and feeling good with that person. What will be next? Only petting or giving the family pet a treat on its birthday?
Sex Should Never Be Used as A Punishment.
The fact that people are familiar with women saying things like, “You better be good or you’re not getting any tonight,” is ridiculous. Of course if your fighting with your partner you usually don’t want to jump into bed with them but that is not the point. The point is that women should view not being able to have sex with their man as a punishment. Sex with the person you claim to love, shouldn’t be as tangible as demerits taken away from a brownie girl scout.
Sex with your partner is the gift itself.
This holiday season don’t use sex as a gift. Celebrate that the fact that you are fully able to intimately connect with your partner. Understand the fact that what the two of you share is special and should be something important in your relationship. Not taking advantage of being intimately connected with your partner as much as possible is a travesty. Appreciate how lucky you are that you are with someone who loves you and you can express that love to each other. A lot of people out there would love to have the gift of sharing a bed with the one they love this holiday season.

          Going through a funk in your own personal sexual drive is OK. Long term disinterest in sex, or stimulating yourself is not normal. See your doctor as soon as possible if you go for a long time without wanting to have sex, wanting an orgasm, or wanting to stimulate yourself. I know that is pretty to the point, but that part in a womans body does not aid us in having children. The part that brings pleasure was put there to be used.  
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