Drunk Dialing: Everyone Has Done It; but is it really that big of a deal?

drunk2 Almost everyone has done it.
Everyone has done it at one time or another. You have a few too many cocktails, and suddenly you feel this intense urgency to call someone you probably shouldn’t and embarrass yourself? When women decide they might be on the cusp of drunk dialing a guy they usually consult their friends first about the issue. Whether your friends tell you it’s a bad idea or not still won’t stop you from calling the guy. Some women even take it a step further and ask their girlfriends to hold their cell phone hostage, so they won’t call the one person they know they shouldn’t. Of course, that never works either because later you and your friend will fight over the cell phone, you will get it back from her and drunk dial. Then the rest of the night you will constantly analyze the drunk dialed conversation, lack thereof, or if you should leave a drunken voice message, drunk text, or drunk dial him again.
drunk Drunk Dialing can be bad.
There are many times in which you should avoid pulling the drunk dial card. If you’re dating someone new for example, and haven’t heard from the guy in a timely manner; you shouldn’t drunk dial. The guy might have a really valid excuse for not calling, and your drunk dial will make him glad he didn’t call in the first place.
Why Drunken Dialing can be a Positive Thing
It’s hard to believe but there are some positive things that can come out of drunk dialing. If you’re in a back and forth, long, messy relationship that has gone on yet another “break” it might be better to just get the call out of your system. If you forcedrunkgirl4 yourself not to call someone for a period of time, and then surrender to your feelings and drunk dial him all your work was for nothing. Sometimes if a relationship is bad or already on the way out, it doesn’t really matter if you call. Sometimes getting everything out of your system is better than holding it in and then exploding through a drunk dial conversation. Overall, good or bad; drunk dialing is a thing men and women do and regret. Sometimes when our inhibitions are down we make mistakes, or do something we might wish we had not. Beating yourself up about making the mistake of drunk dialing won’t help. Moving on is the best medicine.
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