Taking a Break: “New Beginning or Beginning of the End?”

 Most of the time taking a break is bad news.
Taking a break in a relationship is a very slippery slope. There are very few situations in which a break in a relationship is beneficial. When the option of taking a break presents itself, it is usually requested by one person in the relationship. A couple usually doesn’t decide at the same time that a break will spruce up their relationship is a break. There are a few reason’s why someone might choose to take a break from their relationship. Break’s are very complex and confusing to forgo. The reason they rarely work out is because overall, there not natural in the course of a committed relationship.

A Few Reasons A Guy Might Want A Break:

preten much He wants to see if he will miss you when your gone.

Some guy’s will suggest taking a break because they are bored with the relationship. The guy still doesn’t want to lose you to another guy, because he might change his mind. Many guys wait around and see if someone better, or someone who they like more comes around. If enough time passes by without them finding a new girl to appease there situation then; breaks over!

You agreed to taking the break.

In some cases the guy who suggests a break to you might miss you when your gone. If you agreed to the break though, he probably won’t think about you as much because he knows he has you in the palm of his hadn. If someone agrees to take a break even though they don’t want to; they show their partner how desperate they really are to be with them. If you show a guy you will do anything to hold on to a piece of him, he will think he can get away with anything. He actually might begin to hang out with you in the same way he did while the two of you were together,but still claim that your on a “break.”

He is too immature to end the relationship himself.

Some guys are terrified of breaking up with their girlfriends. Men that are too scared to completely break up with you but, feel they need to take some kind of step toward ending the relationship might say they want to take a break. They might view taking a break with you as making the inventible breakup easier for you too handle. What they don’t realize is that their only making the situation easier for themselves.

He wants to sleep with someone else.

Everyone at one time or another has heard the excuse, “We were on a break!” as justification for stepping out on there partner. Instead of cheating on you, a guy might decide the best way to sleep with another girl is to go on a break from you. Even if the guy promises that during the break he won’t sleep with anyone else, he still knows in the back of his mind that; the break excuse has him covered.  His understanding is that being with another woman would make you furious, but you can’t really say it is cheating if it happened during a break.

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