Hate The Player and The Game

I was hanging out with this guy for a while and know he is giving me mixed signals. He calls me one day and wants’ to hang out and then sometimes he won’t answer my call’s or text. One night I forgot my cell phone at work and I saw he called a couple of times. Is he is playing this game with me because he thought I blew him off? What should I do? I really like him but I am sick of playing games.
My Advice:
I am going to call this guy, “Sam” throughout my answer so you can understand what I am trying to say better.
The fact that you told Sam that you weren’t sure if you could go out, and then he couldn’t get a hold of you; should not offend him bad enough to not want to try and see you again. You know how it is when you really like someone.  You answer every-time, and make plans all the time; and keep them. Sam is being way to wishey-washy in the decisions he makes.
When you really, really like someone you would do anything to be around them. You wouldn’t want to play games because that would take away chances of you two being together. Sam isn’t a bad guy, he is just confused. The problem is that you are not confused. You like this guy, and he is reappearing in your life spastically all over the place. You need to think of Mark as a friend, and not believe or be tempted by his random texts and plans for you two to hang out. The moment he senses you don’t care anymore he will probably try to contact you. DON’T PLAY INTO IT. The fact that Sam isn’t completely into you has nothing to do with you. It has nothing to do with your looks, personality or character.
Have you ever started liking a guy and for no reason at all that feeling kind of just went away?
It had nothing to do with his looks, personality or character.
Sometimes we naturally find ourselves disinterested in someone for no good reason at all.
You’re probably a good looking, outgoing girl. Sam is sticking around; here and there to make himself sure that he won’t regret what he missed.
You don’t want a guy who feels this way about you.
When a guy likes you he will find a way to call you. He will look your number up in a phone book and walk ten miles to a pay phone if that is what it takes.
I don’t know if you’re sleeping with this guy, but if you are stop.
It will make this situation more complicated. Trust me.
You don’t have to be mean to Sam. You can tell him how you feel if you think you should.
Don’t make any plans around his ever again. I hope this helps, and remember to not give in when he realizes you’re done with him. He will call. Be ready for it.
You will find someone who is all about you soon enough.
Mark isn’t all about you. He might be “a little bit about you,” but that is not what you want.
Good luck.

p.s: Sam sounds like a hot mess


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