My Boyfriend Had Dinner With His Ex!


My boyfriend had dinner with his ex without me!Is it appropriate for my new boyfriend to have dinner with his ex-girlfriend when I am out of town? It is a fairly new relationship but it’s a committed one now. He says he didn’t do anything wrong so I shouldn’t have a problem with it. What do I do?

My Advice:

To begin with…

Yes, it is absolutely wrong.It’s wrong in every way, but especially because it bothers you.It sounds like this guy might be trying to test the waters in order to see what he can get away with. I don’t care if he was honest in telling you that he went to dinner with her or not. I would say this guy is bad news. Exes are exes for a reason. The last thing somebody wants to do in a new committed relationship is hang out with their ex. Not only did he have dinner with a female; but an ex-female. I would seriously investigate this, and also tell your boyfriend he can’t hang out with her anymore; even for an “innocent” dinner date.

If you feel that request is too demanding, TOO BAD. If this relationship is already making you feel insecure or worried it’s not worth it. If anything you should be glad this happened in the beginning of the relationship so it will be easier to get over him.

Swat away those butterflies and listen to your gut. Remember: if it walks like a duck, and looks like a duck, it is usually a…..

If he is already acting like this in the begging of the relationship, then you can only look forward to a hot mess in the future.

It wasn't me!Image via Wikipedia
“it wasn’t me!”

Maybe the universe is doing you a favor by showing you who this guy really is, before you continue the relationship. I know it really hurts that he did this to you. He might not be a bad guy. The point is he is already showing you that he is not to be fully trusted.

I would only consider continuing with the relationship he decides that going out with his ex isn’t worth hurting you. The fact that he is trying to convince you to believe his pathetic reasoning about the situation reflects his character. He needs to be all the way in or all the out.

Let’s pretend for a second that your boyfriend and his ex had a purely platonic dinner at her house. The fact that he refuses to recognize what he did could easily cause you concern is more than was questionable.

Overall, this is too big of a mess way to early. Tell him the truth. This doesn’t work for you.

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2 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Had Dinner With His Ex!

  1. Your right. To a lot of people the thought of your boyfriend spending any time with his ex is a nightmare, not a reality or a new problem in the relationship. There are many people who also are torn making a decision to allow this behavior due to a number of reasons. I am with you, the only time your boyfriend and his ex should be friendly is in Heaven.

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