My Husband Won’t Ditch His Female Friend


My husband has become friends with a woman who is the sister of his male friend at work. She calls him often and sends him text messages to ask how he is doing or if he is working hard or to tell him she is bored. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with her calling so much and he said there was no reason to be worried. The more she called, the more I would get angry at her because she knew I didn’t like it and I would get angry at him for allowing it. Just recently, I finally exploded after asking nicely for months for him to tell her to stop calling and to call her own boyfriend when she was bored. He did call her with me present and told her I was having a problem with them talking and it wasn’t him. He then thanked her for being understanding. When he hung up the phone he was very upset over what he just told her. He acted as though I just destroyed the best friendship of his life, but I thought that’s what I was for. Was I wrong? Help!!

My Advice:

Your husband is being an idiot. How would he feel if you suddenly started to be=friend a guy and he started calling and texting you all the time? If they haven’t done anything yet, it’s only a matter of time until they will. Who’s married to who doesn’t matter. This woman wants your husband and doesn’t even care if he is married!

Now, don’t go after her! She didn’t say she would make sure and be real careful to not sleep with him. She isn’t someone you trust. If you go fight her off it won’t work, and then a replacement will just show up. She thinks she has a shot with your husband because she sees how your husband isn’t respecting your wishes. This woman interprets your husbands interest in speaking with her as her having a chance to get with him.
I don’t care if your husband is giving you the whole, “Well I am honest about talking to her, so what is the problem?”excuse. Just because he is throwing the situation in your face doesn’t mean it’s not inappropriate.

“Well judge I was the one who was with the robbers but I didn’t steal anything. Doesn’t it count that I’m honest about it?”

Your gut instinct is telling you this is bad news for a reason.

The Bottom Line:

This is a big deal. You need to make a move and do something now to access the situation. If he hasn’t slept with her yet, he should take advantage of the get out of jail free option. She’s gone or your out. PERIOD.
If you don’t handle this you are going to turn into someone you don’t recognize. Don’t go to her for anything! Not even milk!


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