Best Cure for a Nagging Wife.

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Dear Jessica Kelly:

How do I get my wife to stop nagging? I am at my wits end with her! This is beginning to effect out marriage. How do I get her to stop. When she nags I usually just try to tune her out. I still love her, but I really can’t take it anymore.

My Advice:

Now this problem is actually a lot easier to fix than you think.
First off, your wife knows she is annoying you. Instead of coming right out and saying she feels insecure lately, or bored; she is deciding to get out all her frustration by antagonizing the day lights out of you. Below is the cure for the female nagging disease in a relationship. Let me know how it goes!

1. Leave her a note.

Leave her a sticky note on the mirror that says, “I love you, have a good day.” That’s all you need to write. It isn’t overly cheesy to write that nor is mundane or impersonal. Even if you don’t feel very loving towards her at the moment, you still love her at the end of the day. Everyone needs to be reminded that they are special sometimes, even if they are projecting immature behavior.

To add: 

Repeat the sticky note routine about once every three months. Mark it on your personal calendar if you have too. Remember make the words on the sticky note personal without being overly cheesy. Also, don’t write a phrase like, “thanks for cleaning the house so beautifully this week,” or, “your meatloaf was wonderful.” Make every little sticky note have words that reminds her about why she married you in the first place.

2. Complete one extra chore even if you feel she is currently undeserving of it.

Do one extra annoying chore that she hates to do every three days. When you give people no reason to complain, they usually don’t. Even if this doesn’t help you immediately; it will in the long run. Even though one extra chore seems small, it will still relax her a little more and she will be less irritated.

3. Don’t sit there and take the nagging.

When women see their significant other roll there eyes in the back of there head while there trying to get a point across think they are not being heard; because there not. She feels like she needs to repeat herself so much because she doesn’t think your paying attention; even if you are. When she is speaking, keep eye contact with and don’t nod or play games on your cell phone. There is a less likely chance she will feel this constant need to repeat herself if she knows she is being heard.

4. Show a little more affection.

Every couple tends to fall into the “too comfortable,” spot and forget how important physical affection is. Don’t overdue it and try to make out with her before breakfast; an extra hug or kiss a day will do wonders.

5. Hang in there.

Everyone goes through phases in their life where they execute less than pleasant behavior towards the ones they love the most.

I hope you use my ante-dot for the female nagging disease, I promise it is worth gibing  a shot. Before you know it, your house will seem a lot quieter.

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