Why People Cheat To Hurt The Cheater?

Getting even by cheating leaves you in last place

I will never understand why people cheat on someone with the sole purpose of getting revenge. If someone cheats on you, the best revenge is to leave the relationship. Some people think that cheating on the person who stepped out of the relationship, is the only way for them to feel the pain they felt.


By that time the relationship has already been severely damaged; even though the person who initially cheated was the cause of the mess. The relationship is holding on by a string after one person is cheating. When the other person cheats, there is nothing left but ashes in the relationship. To better establish my position on this topic, I am going to use fictitious characters to represent my point.

This Is Mark and Ashley   

Mark cheated on Ashley with a coworker name Sally Smith in the janitor’s closet three times. Mark got caught when his co-worker Sally decided to tell her husband Todd about the affair. Ashley decided the best way to resolve this problem and try to save the relationship would be to sleep with Todd.

Ashley then not only decided to get back at Mark by cheating, she decided to take her affair details up a notch from Mark’s. Ashley slept in with Todd in the bed she shares with Mark on Thursday morning. Mark had his weekly company meeting which he directed; every Thursday morning.

Ashley told Mark she slept with Todd six Thursday’s later. She told him she only slept with Todd four times, in order to be ahead of him when it came to the level of deceit, without appearing over indulging.

Mark left.


Back to my point, people think that when they cheat out of revenge the other person will just, “call it even,” and consider both of you as equal parties who made equally bad mistakes.


You are more likely to dumped by your cheating partner if you choose to cheat on them for revenge.

Get rid of the cheating partner in so you don’t cheat yourself.


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