Married People Talking To Their Exes?

He Is A Married Womanizer…


My advice I give to a woman about a very flirtatious conversation she had with her married ex-boyfriend. She is trying to understand how he can claim to love his wife while talking to her in a inappropriate way.


Last Weekend, I randomly began to talk to my ex-boyfriend on MySpace. The conversation started off innocent, but then he began to verbalize things that made me question if he truly cared about his wife. He would say things like, “How would you feel If I kissed you again?” Then he preceded to tell me he was thinking of me often and had something really important to tell me the next time we saw each other in person. The next day I saw that he had posted a message to his wife expressing his undying love for her. He wrote that nothing compared to his wife and how she made up the moon and stars blah blah..I know you probably think I am still hung up on this guy, but I am more interested to know why he would say those kinds of things to me; or any other woman if he claims to love his wife so completely?

To add: I think he is still in love with me and whenever I run into his sister she says that the whole family thinks he is still in love with me and wishes we were together. We broke up because he cheated on me with a number of girls including his last wife and the current one he claims to love so much. I can still tell he wants to be with me so why did he choose her? Especially if his definition of loving her is sweet talking me on MySpace?



He is a womanizing pig. That is the short answer to your question.

This guy wants to have his cake and eat it to with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream. I wouldn’t believe this guy cared and loved for his dog unless he benefited from it in some way. He was saying those things to you in a flirtatious manner because he wants to know or try to find out if he can still sleep with you. I don’t mean to be overly blunt but his remaining feelings for you might be from somewhere other than his heart. The fact that he has a cheating history also leads me to believe your not the only ex he speaks to on MySpace. I am so glad you got rid of this guy when you did. Don’t waste your time dissecting his bad behavior when you know this is his nature.

I also believe you thought you were over him until he contacted you last week. Your conversation brought back those butterfly feelings because his cheating didn’t give you a proper chance to grieve and evaluate the breakup. Your ex-boyfriends family probably don’t like his new wife for whatever reason and are vindictively trying to get her out of their hair.

This guy might love his wife, but that love obviously stays within the boundaries of how much he loved you. He wants it all, and is very selfish. Please don’t talk to him anymore because the fact that you guys both have some kind of feelings for each other still, proves that a friendships isn’t possible. You got rid of him because you want a man that doesn’t talk to his ex-girlfriends remember?

Go back to the day you found out he was cheating. The day you were ready to leave and how bad it hurt. Keep that feeling whenever you think about him because that is who this guy really is.


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